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Global Shapers Event

Global Shapers Event

The Greenzie an environmental initiative and Global Shapers Community organized an event in Jeddah to spread more awareness about some of the environmental issues in the community and to educate people on how to be an effective citizen and help in keeping the city clean and green.

This event marks the end of this year. Through this event Greenzie aimed to shed light on some remarkable local achievements by some environmental initiatives.  A New Year’s resolution is commonly defined as “a promise that you make to yourself to start doing something good or stop doing something bad on the first day of the year”.  Therefore, Greenzie wanted to mark the end of 2018 with something good for the planet and the environment. As a new year’s resolution, let us keep the city green and clean.img_1043

The event gathered six Saudi experts who have initiated projects aimed at improving the environment in the coastal city. They delivered speeches about their projects and experiences.

Three of the speakers focused on investing in the agricultural sector. The event shed light on local achievements by environmental initiatives.

THE SPEAKERS [Highlights]:

Zakiya Bondoqji, who has 16 years’ experience in the environmental field and is the founder of Friends of Jeddah Parks, joined the event and screened a documentary about Friends of Jeddah Parks to showcase the improvements it has made to Nazeeh and Wartan Park, Faisal Zahid Sports Park and Amira Tarabulsi Public Park.img_1080

Dr. Ahmad Al-Ansari, vice president for environment affairs at the General Presidency of Meteorology and Environment Protection (PME), shared the authority’s current initiatives and activities. The GAMEP is working on 13 projects to renovate areas that have been environmentally damaged.

Essam Jawa, a pilot who is an environmental advocator and the founder of a cleaning initiative.

Many other speakers: Instagram @Jeddahhubimg_1099


Greenzie is a local initiative that aims to bring together scientific and humans understandings of the environment in a way that can be widely communicated and lead to effective actions.img_1109

Greenzie aims to both inform and challenge, to develop understanding of the environment and the way in which human society interacts with it, and to stimulate action in pursuit of environmental protection and sustainable development – including action by decision makers and leaders. Greenzie is committed to provide a continuance awareness system through the following:

  1. Projects
  2. Publications
  3. Partnerships


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