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FIFA World Cup 2022 – What to do on Game Day?

FIFA World Cup 2022 – What to do on Game Day?

There are a lot of themed activities you can do with a group of friends when watching a World Cup football game. One of the main ideas is to predict the score but there are other ways you could make the game more interesting.

Starting with the predictions, on a piece of paper, (or notes on your phone), write down the name of each person participating with their score prediction before the kickoff. Once they’re locked in, you can enjoy the game. The closest person in their prediction gets to dare any person from the group to do something.

Ps: you can go further and predict who will score, in which half, the number of corners, yellow cards, and so on.

There was this funny activity we used to do when watching a game. It has no purpose and adds no value to the game, but is just very fun. Choose a player from the 22 players on the pitch, someone with a fun name per say, and every time the commentator says their name, you all stand up and cheer. It will confuse anyone that doesn’t know what’s happening, and make for a nice laugh.

Football trivia is always fun. Find your football encyclopedia between the group and have them ask questions about football events, players, previous scores, or World cup winners. The winner gets bragging rights while the person with the lowest score will have to do a dare chosen by the rest of the group.


Best places to watch

I personally enjoy watching football games from the comfort of my house. I set up my TV, surround system, and invite my football friends for a game night. We tend to get loud and sometimes get complaints from the neighbors but it’s fine, anything for the World Cup. We do sometimes enjoy watching games in themed coffee shops and restaurants though for a change.


Some of the best places to watch games are:

Riyadh Jeddah Eastern Province
Al Hilal Café Chill Lounge Al-Seef Café
Al Masaa Café Buffalo wild wings Cafe Abu Shanab
Al Nassr Café City Station Restaurant Golden Eight
De Ze7en Bellagio Resort Wxyz lounge
Fans Up Café The Sandwich Gallery Oasis cafe & Club


World Cup 2022 Special

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The World Cup 2022 Hosts: Doha, Qatar


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