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FIFA World Cup 2022 – Halftime Munchies

When watching a football match, besides the goals and goalkeeper saves, one thing I’m always excited about is the halftime meal. Eating while enjoying a football match is always a special experience.

It’s like you reward yourself after going through a stressful 45 minutes, especially when your team is losing. Eat the pain away. Here are some of our favorite halftime munchies that are perfect for a match night with your friends.


Pizza night

It’s most appropriate to have a pizza night when watching Italy play but oops, they did not qualify this year. You can still have it when watching any other game though, no big deal. It’s one of the best sharing foods between a group of friends and creates the least amount of mess. You barely need plates for it. Make sure you order a large amount because they’re always round two after the game.

Best places to order: 

  • Maestro Piano Pizza: It’s a quite large pizza that comes with different toppings of your choice. It should be enough. If not, order two of them
  • Dominos New Yorker Pizza: The new pizza from Dominos is a New York-style pizza that comes in a massive box. One or two slices are filling enough. You can always have more if you want. No shame.
  • New York Pizza: Renowned for their large pizzas, their family-size pizza is quite massive and has a great cheese mix. It is also a quite cheap pizza for the great flavors it provides to your palate.


Wings, Wings, Wings, and possibly some rings

Easy to eat? Check
Delicious? Check
Good for sharing? Check

Wings are always a great choice for a football match. They can get a bit messy with sauce reaching your cheeks, but there’s no harm in that. It’s part of the experience. They are great for groups and come in various flavors according to your taste. They are usually paired with onion rings where you can dip the rings in the wing’s sauce. Put your gloves on and dig in.

Best places to order: 

  • Buffalo wild wings: One of the best wings restaurants in Saudi with a great selection of flavors. They also have burgers and wraps worth trying.
  • Buffalo wings and rings:  Perfect combo of wings and rings with different flavors and levels of spicy. They have killer curly fries and a great honey mustard sauce.
  • Wings & Things: A great option for a lower budget. They have different sharing options available for an attractive price. You should try their boneless wings, they’re great.

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