Hard Times Calls for Risky Measures with COVID-19 Scams


As the world is looking down through a window of recession, none of us are able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This viral contagion is not only destroying the global economies, but has established a highly profitable platform for criminals and scammers.

These scammers will make countless attempts to exploit the COVID-19 anxiety creating uncertainties in order to defraud people. Their aim is to instill the COVID-19 fear in people, where in turn people surrender to making irrational decisions in disclosing their private/confidential information. As a nation and citizens of the globe, we must understand the dangerous outcomes and varieties of these scams. Law enforcement officials and governments have already began taking security measures in combatting these criminals in the theft of data, spreading false information, and various forms of money-making scams.

The question is, how can you as a consumer be vigilant about these ongoing cyber scams? The answer is simple, as consumers we must be extremely vigilant at all times refraining from sharing our personal and/or financial information by any means. Let’s take a look at some of the most obvious forms of cyber scams fraudsters have been targeting since the outbreak of the novel corona virus.

  • Health Treatment Scams – Marketing of fake vaccinations, medications and other curing methods for COVID-19.
  • Sanitation Supply Scams – Consumers shop online hoping to find their essential needs in order to survive through the prevention of coronavirus in quarantine, isolation, and/or social-distancing. They find a so-called trusted site and begin placing their orders for food items, household cleaning supplies or medical supplies such as masks, gloves, sanitizers. Upon adding all items to their basket and proceeding with the checkout process, and getting a confirmed date of delivery, the consumer assumes they’re all set to go! However, at that moment the scammer has already taken the funds and the delivery of the goods will never reach its designated address.
  • Donation / Charity Scams –  The scammers fraudulently solicit donations to help people with COVID-19 pandemic relief fundraising by using non-existing charity names. Make sure to always do your research about the source before attempting to make a good deed.
  • Phishing Scams – Scammers will send out fake emails as representatives of official  health organizations tricking you the recipient into sharing your personal information such as ID’s, passwords, and account numbers.
  • Phone App Scams –  Scammers have created apps related to COVID-19 with a malware that is specifically created to steal personal information of the user once the app is downloaded.

As people around the globe are feeling the massive effects of the pandemic and adrift, their responses to certain pressures are also varied. In facing the conflicting news and information about COVID-19, we must avoid responding with shock, fear or panic at all costs.

Everyone must take serious measures to protect themselves from becoming the next victims of cybercrime. None of us have to be the next victim, if we are more vigilant about our online consumer behavior.

Click on the link below for further instructions on how to go about reporting cyber-crimes in Saudi Arabia:

Web: my.gov.sa
Customer Support Line: 920020405

Customer Support Hours: 7:30 am – 2:30 pm
Email: info@moi.gov.sa

Read below on how you can become more VIGILANT and not the next VICTIM!

  • Do not open unsolicited emails and/or links or email attachments
  • Always utilize legit government websites to rely on up-to date information or facts on COVID-19
  • Do not provide or reveal any personal information in an email, by phone or text messages.
  • Prior to making any type of donations to a charity make sure to verify their authenticity.
  • Make sure to shop only with known and trusted online retailers for your grocery, health, and personal care needs.

Web: cisa.gov/CISAINSIGHTS
Web: cisa.gov/coronavirus
Web: us-cert.gov/ncas

Always keep in mind that with the increasing global rates of the COVID-19 pandemic, cyber criminals and scammers will be more and more persistent in order to expand their financial profit scale. Government officials and authorities worldwide are already taking the necessary protective measures to crack down on this case. The ministry of interior spokesperson Col. Talal Al-Shalhoub stated that violators and perpetrators who produce, share or send photos or videos of violations of the curfew order given by the Public Prosecution will be charged under the Article 6 of the Anti-Cyber Crime Law. The law imposes a fine up to 3 million SAR and up to five years jailtime.



Latest in Portable Bidet: Tesh Tesh


As Saudis we have always adhered to a strict hygiene culture. As a society, we implement these values from our daily ablutions to our nature’s calling.

Personal hygiene is a great influential factor within our faith and making sure to implement this system even when we are traveling is a habit we must embrace. Ragad Al Sharif, founder and CEO of Innoras, a Riyadh-based, innovative, life-hacking products company, targets turning innovative ideas into products that can bring simplicity into our lives.

Tesh Tesh portable bidet (shattaf) was Innora’s first trademark to be registered in Saudi Arabia. Ragad’s aim was to help local travelers and adventurers make their journey more comfortable.

As a Saudi female entrepreneur and inventor, Ragad’s aim in having the product manufactured in Saudi Arabia gave it a competitive advantage within the Saudi market with cost, development, niche, and sustainable advantages. Nowadays, consumers are becoming more eco-minded and expect environmentally safe and healthy businesses products. 13636066_215001972235885_848560985_n-copy

In realizing the true potential of the green market and to change consumer shopping behavior, Tesh Tesh is manufactured with 100% environmentally friendly materials. The product is sold in two distinctive colors of blue, green, and pink. The collapsable feature of the bottle is easy to store and it holds up to 600 ml of water. Tesh Tesh offers the best on-the-go solution without the need of batteries or electrical connections. Consumers can utilize Tesh Tesh up to 10,000 times before they make another purchase. The product sells at its online store for $25.40. This sustainable product will allow consumers to become an integral part of environmental, economic, and social change.

Since its invention in 2014, Tesh Tesh has gained a substantial amount of success and awareness locally and internationally. Innoras continues to seek out innovative ideas for practical life-hack products made available in the local market. Innoras won the second prize of SR75,000 at the 10/9ths Startup Accelerator Program in partnership with KAUST. As a female entrepreneur, one of the main challenges for Ragad is making sure to have an in-depth understanding about the local market and the consumers’ needs. She believes that being a business owner means educating yourself continuously within your target market.

Web: teshteshbottle.com
Instagram: teshteshbottle
Facebook: Tesh.Tesh Bottle


Digital Trends on The Farm


A Fitbit for Cows.

Revolutionizing the agriculture industry to optimize cattle breeding and provide preventative healthcare for cattle can increase efficiency throughout the entire milk supply chain in the kingdom.

To implement such technologies within Saudi’s cattle farms, a team of four KAUST master degree students took the initiative. Co-founders Suhaib Amer, Faisal Al Hindi, Hamzah Al Ahmadi, and Al Baraa Aseeri are aiming to create a healthier system for cattle farming in Saudi Arabia.

Al Maha Systems, a Saudi tech startup working in the fields of the Internet of Things and animal healthcare, is currently developing a system that monitors and analyzes data for livestock, to increase efficiency. The project is parked under TAQADAM’s program.

Saudi Arabia is the third largest market in the global dairy and soy food industries. There are about 260,000 milking cows in the kingdom. According to the co-founders, there will be smart tags on each cow in KSA to keep track of their overall health and activities and increase their productivity.

The sensors are placed on cows to monitor their health and collect vital data such as heart rate, body temperature and rumination, and the data gets sent over to a cloud-based server.

As a result, dairy farmers can detect health-related problems with the cattle ahead of time along with detecting breeding time. Dairy farmers across Saudi Arabia can easily adapt to the dairy cattle monitoring technology and improve dairy production. As there are similar monitoring products already in use by cattle farmers around the world, this smart tag providing biometric data for each cow will provide unique features revolutionizing the farming
and dairy industries within the kingdom.

The implementation of their system can increase their milk yield and the production on the farm, adding more than
an estimated SR1.2 billion annually. The team plans to build a manufacturing plant in the kingdom to localize customer service and provide job opportunities for the youth in the region.

Web: almahasys.com


Coming soon! A New Diabetes Gadget for a Needle-Free Solution


 Sustainable Innovations for a Better Tomorrow.

Around seven million people in Saudi Arabia are diabetic and three million have pre-diabetes. We are constantly fighting against this growing epidemic with health programs, educational campaigns supported by the Saudi Ministry of Health, local health organizations, hospitals, and educational institutions trying to control the effects of diabetes and provide community support to improve the quality of life of those suffering from it.

It wasn’t too long before Abdulelah Saleh, co-founder of Saudi startup GlucoJet, and his team developed a pain-free paper sensor that monitors blood sugar levels in saliva. As one of the world’s revolutionary inventions of needle-free diabetic care in 2019, GlucoJet was rewarded SR375,000 through TAQADAM’s accelerator program, which provides opportunities in the areas of science and technology and for aspiring entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to market through the means of training and mentorship. The program was developed in partnership with King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) and Saudi British Bank.glucojet-paper-sensor-copy

So, how does GlucoJet work? The paper sensor gets a saliva sample and plugs it into the GlucoJet reader to get an immediate reading. Biomedical engineer Abdulelah and his teammates Prof Sahika Inal, Scientific Bioengineering Advisor, and Dr Eloise Bihar, CTO of Printing Technology, will be expanding their team in order to bring the product faster to the Saudi market. This non-invasive and pain-free innovation of disposable sensors will soon be ready for manufacturing and distribution through pharmacies and online by 2022.

To finalize the product for the market, GlucoJet will be going through FDA approvals and clinical trials in September of 2021. The product’s proprietary technology allows the team to produce their devices at a much lower cost due to its metal-free component and by scaling up to production with the latest printing technology.

Are you an innovator? Apply for TAQADAM’s next round of startup accelerator program at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Innovation and Economic Development.

Web: innovation.kaust.edu.sa


No to Burn Out


Employees’ guide to engagement and empowerment at work.

According to a study done by recruitment agency Robert Half UAE, workplace burnout is an issue for nearly 64% of businesses in the UAE. Workplace stress is highest among medium-sized businesses (74%), and lowest among small businesses (57%). Their studies have also shown that employee stress can be a drain for everyone.

As an employee, you keep working for a long time intensely just to realize that your focus levels are deteriorating. As a result of high corporate demands, companies must offset to recover and renew energy.

We all know that everyone’s morale is tied to being engaged to their work. To support this concept, innovative solutions can be implemented in ways to increase employee morale to eliminate burnout.

Being an overachiever is overrated and is counterproductive! This is where you deplete your optimal levels of productivity. When disengagement and burnout indicators activate, watch out for these 10 signs!

1 Sleep deprivation
2 Lack of concentration
3 Unknown physical pains
4 Feeling tired and drained most of the time
5 Feeling your work or contribution is unrecognized
6 Loss of motivation
7 Depression
8 Lack of interest at work
9 Absenteeism from work
10 Thoughts of quitting work or changing your role

How do we take preventative measures and properly engage in our work? Here are some tips on how you and your employer can take hands-on actions to eliminate burnout!

1- Perform a job analysis, and eliminate or delegate unnecessary work.

    This online platform will help you with specific work challenges and developing essential skills at your own pace.
    Web: mindtools.com

2 – Offer workshops and/or expert speakers to employees to aid as a coping mechanism

  • Workshop Space / Team Building
    Off The Grind Café is a contemporary experiential lounge for company events, quarterly meetings, team building exercises, gaming, coffee and bites.
    Web: offthegr1nd.com
  • Corporate Wellness Expert / Health Events / Personal & Family Health Coaching / A collaboration between community partners in health and wellness to optimize employee health.
    – Richard Jordan
    Web: primalifewellness.com
  • Groupwork Facilitator / Human Relations / Offers consultancy in leadership and organizational development
    – Rozana Al Banawi
    Instagram: rozanalbanawi

3 – Modify work expectations by making sure employees understand their role.

4 – Provide the necessary resources and skills to meet expectations.

  • MEIRC Training & Consulting Offers training programs and consulting services in management and technical fields for professional development
    E-mail: ksa@meirc.com
    Tel: +966-12-6061364
    Web: meirc.com

5 – Manage your time to get proper sleep and exercise, and make healthy food choices.

6 – Join local support groups in your community.

  • Humming Tree
    A local community in Jeddah that facilitates and provides creative activities.
  • BeeHive Community
    A local creative coworking and events community in Riyadh/ Kharj / Khobar that collaborates by connecting people, ideas, and resources.
    Instagram: beehivespace
    A local coworking and events community in the Eastern Province, Khobar connecting youth and entrepreneurs to be creative, energetic, inspirational,  entertaining in establishing their professional identity.
    Instagram: jovia_coworking