Digital Trends on The Farm

A Fitbit for Cows.

Revolutionizing the agriculture industry to optimize cattle breeding and provide preventative healthcare for cattle can increase efficiency throughout the entire milk supply chain in the kingdom.

To implement such technologies within Saudi’s cattle farms, a team of four KAUST master degree students took the initiative. Co-founders Suhaib Amer, Faisal Al Hindi, Hamzah Al Ahmadi, and Al Baraa Aseeri are aiming to create a healthier system for cattle farming in Saudi Arabia.

Al Maha Systems, a Saudi tech startup working in the fields of the Internet of Things and animal healthcare, is currently developing a system that monitors and analyzes data for livestock, to increase efficiency. The project is parked under TAQADAM’s program.

Saudi Arabia is the third largest market in the global dairy and soy food industries. There are about 260,000 milking cows in the kingdom. According to the co-founders, there will be smart tags on each cow in KSA to keep track of their overall health and activities and increase their productivity.

The sensors are placed on cows to monitor their health and collect vital data such as heart rate, body temperature and rumination, and the data gets sent over to a cloud-based server.

As a result, dairy farmers can detect health-related problems with the cattle ahead of time along with detecting breeding time. Dairy farmers across Saudi Arabia can easily adapt to the dairy cattle monitoring technology and improve dairy production. As there are similar monitoring products already in use by cattle farmers around the world, this smart tag providing biometric data for each cow will provide unique features revolutionizing the farming
and dairy industries within the kingdom.

The implementation of their system can increase their milk yield and the production on the farm, adding more than
an estimated SR1.2 billion annually. The team plans to build a manufacturing plant in the kingdom to localize customer service and provide job opportunities for the youth in the region.


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