Latest in Portable Bidet: Tesh Tesh

As Saudis we have always adhered to a strict hygiene culture. As a society, we implement these values from our daily ablutions to our nature’s calling.

Personal hygiene is a great influential factor within our faith and making sure to implement this system even when we are traveling is a habit we must embrace. Ragad Al Sharif, founder and CEO of Innoras, a Riyadh-based, innovative, life-hacking products company, targets turning innovative ideas into products that can bring simplicity into our lives.

Tesh Tesh portable bidet (shattaf) was Innora’s first trademark to be registered in Saudi Arabia. Ragad’s aim was to help local travelers and adventurers make their journey more comfortable.

As a Saudi female entrepreneur and inventor, Ragad’s aim in having the product manufactured in Saudi Arabia gave it a competitive advantage within the Saudi market with cost, development, niche, and sustainable advantages. Nowadays, consumers are becoming more eco-minded and expect environmentally safe and healthy businesses products. 13636066_215001972235885_848560985_n-copy

In realizing the true potential of the green market and to change consumer shopping behavior, Tesh Tesh is manufactured with 100% environmentally friendly materials. The product is sold in two distinctive colors of blue, green, and pink. The collapsable feature of the bottle is easy to store and it holds up to 600 ml of water. Tesh Tesh offers the best on-the-go solution without the need of batteries or electrical connections. Consumers can utilize Tesh Tesh up to 10,000 times before they make another purchase. The product sells at its online store for $25.40. This sustainable product will allow consumers to become an integral part of environmental, economic, and social change.

Since its invention in 2014, Tesh Tesh has gained a substantial amount of success and awareness locally and internationally. Innoras continues to seek out innovative ideas for practical life-hack products made available in the local market. Innoras won the second prize of SR75,000 at the 10/9ths Startup Accelerator Program in partnership with KAUST. As a female entrepreneur, one of the main challenges for Ragad is making sure to have an in-depth understanding about the local market and the consumers’ needs. She believes that being a business owner means educating yourself continuously within your target market.

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