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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

A Journey of an Ambitious Saudi Graffiti Artist, Noura bint Saidan

A Journey of an Ambitious Saudi Graffiti Artist, Noura bint Saidan

By Ghada AlMuttiri

A visionary artist with a goal beyond creating beautiful art on display. 

Tell us about your art journey?nnnn

I was in love with art as a child and my first attempt was painting on a huge canvas with oil paint when I was in high school. I found my soul in this and I decided to be specialized in art and that’s why I continued with this journey. After completing masters in arts from KSU, I worked in branding and marketing as well. I have been conducting art workshops since 2012 and participating in art galleries. 

Why did you go for graffiti?

I don’t want to limit myself in the canvas frame. Always dream big! I’m always up to explore new things. Mostly, I like live painting as it gives me a chance to reach a large audience and capturing their reactions.

What are your highlighted achievements?

I participated in several art exhibitions in addition to the live paintings such as book exhibitions and Riyadh Municipality City on the cultural street. 

I run a social campaign to educate people to respect art!  So many TV channels have contacted me for interviews. Also, I have done graffiti in London and Spain that reflects on the Saudi culture.

What are the challenges you face as a graffiti artist?

Well, you cannot trust the weather! Also, sometimes my work requires me to paint on high walls and this is a bit scary and risky.

What is your source of inspiration?

I paint, modify and spontaneously change a lot. When I find something that really inspires me and encourages me to finish my work in one day.

Noura recently transformed our office wall into a giant canvas and we love it! Have a look

You can see more of Noura’s work on her Instagram page @myarts2012


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