A Guide For Summer Abayas

Here are five tips and tricks for wearing abayas in the brutal summer months without melting like a popsicle. Wearing an extra layer of clothing isn’t easy especially when the weather is 35 °C, but there is a way to maintain fashion sense and keeping cool while rocking your abaya.

  • Cotton & Linen

If you’re going out to run errands or meeting friends for brunch choose simple cotton abayas. Set aside the fancy silky and satin intricate designs for more formal outings. The heat is real out there.

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  • Light Colors

For those of us less inclined in the physics field, there is one rule we should always remember.  Dark objects absorb all wavelengths of light and convert them into heat making the object warmer.  Choose pastels (blues and pinks) that REFLECT sunlight and not absorb it.

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  • Keep It Loose

Opt for loose and baggy abayas that are more breathable. Tight fitted abayas will be more constricting and attract more heat.

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  • Stripes vs. Solids

To avoid any embarrassing sweat marks, pick quirky abayas with patterns instead of solid colored abayas. Get creative and bold with your fashion choices – summer is meant to be fun!

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  • Crepe

No, not nutella crepes (which are the dream). You may have never heard of this fabric, but believe me when I say you’ve definitely seen or worn it before. Alongside cotton, crepe is one of the most breathable fabrics perfect for the summer heat.  

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