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4 Popular Baseless Ahadeeth of Ramadan

baseless ahadeeth of Ramadan

Following are the baseless ahadeeth of Ramadan that are most shared

1. Veil Between Allah and His Slaves Lifted at the Time of Breaking the Fast

“Moosa (peace be upon him) said: ‘O Lord, You have honoured me by speaking to me directly. Will You give anyone else something like this?’ And Allah revealed: ‘O Moosa, I have slaves whom I will bring forth at the end of time, and I will honour them with the month of Ramadan, and I will be closer to one of them than to you, because you have spoken to Me when there are 70,000 veils between Me and you, but when the ummah of Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) fasts until their lips turn white and their faces turn yellow, I will lift the veil between Me and them at the time they break their fast. O Moosa, glad tidings to the one whose liver thirsts and whose stomach hungers in Ramadan.” 

Ruling: Fabricated/baseless


2. Hadeeth about the beginning, middle and end of Ramadan

“The beginning of Ramadan is mercy, its middle is forgiveness, and its end sees (the) freedom (of individuals) from the fire“

Ruling: Da’eef Jiddan (Very weak)

This is one of baseless ahadeeth of Ramadan. There is no evidence for this, rather the bounty of Allah is immense, all of Ramadan is mercy and forgiveness, and there are those whom Allah ransoms from the Fire every night and at the time of breaking the fast, as is proven by the ahaadeeth.

(Collected by Ibn Abi Dunya in ‘Fadhaa’ilu shahri Ramadhaan’ (37), and declared ‘Dha’eef Jiddan by Shaikh AlAlbaani in ‘Ad dha’eefah’ (4/1569)).


3. Weakness of a hadeeth about the virtues of Ramadan

“Whoever draws near to Allah during this month (Ramadan) by doing some good deeds is like one who does an obligatory action at any other time, and the one who does an obligatory action during this month is like one who does seventy obligatory actions at any other times..”

Ruling: weak


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4. The hadeeth about the Trumpet blast on the fifteenth day of Ramadan if it happens to be a Friday

 “On the fifteenth of Ramadan, the night before Friday, there will be a panic (Trumpet blast) that will wake the one who is asleep, startle the one who is awake, and bring the women out of their seclusion, and on that day there will be a lot of earthquakes.” 

Ruling: This hadeeth is fabricated and falsely attributed to the Messenger of Allah (s).


To sum up: These narrations of baseless ahadeeth of Ramadan were not narrated via any acceptable sources and they are not proven to be from the words of the Prophet (s). Please be careful and check the source before you share these.

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