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SAUDIA Hygiene Kits Offer Unique Blend of Safety and Culture.

Boosting guest confidence

As the national flag carrier of Saudi Arabia and a leading airline in the Middle East region, SAUDIA has been setting numerous examples for the regional and global aviation industries through innovative services and best practices, delivering a world-class passenger experience across its domestic and international networks.dsc_5393-copy

SAUDIA started taking proactive preventive measures even before COVID-19 was classified as a global pandemic by WHO. A year after the onset of the pandemic, the airline continues to deliver on its commitment to ensuring the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitization across its operations through internal and external health and safety measures. More than 50 precautionary measures have been applied throughout the guest experience journey. The airline has redefined guest experience through steps for contactless travel social distancing measures in the terminal and onboard the aircraft, and sanitization and disinfection of the aircraft. This has led to SAUDIA earning a 5 star Global Airline rating and the Diamond status ranking at the prestigious APEX Health Safety Awards.dsc_4565-copy

SAUDIA was among the first airlines to partner with prominent global hygiene brands to provide personal sanitation kits for onboard guests ensureing a safe flying experience.

A unique initiative for personal hygiene

In partnership with Lifebuoy, a leading brand under one of the largest FMCG companies, Unilever, a new personal hygiene kit consisting of hand sanitizers, anti-bacterial wet wipes, and facemasks has recently been announced.dsc_3128-2-copy

Drawing from the concept of Dar (Home), symbolizing safety, the hygiene kit, and its function attempt to extend that same feeling of safety and security onboard SAUDIA. The hygiene kits feature a series of designs representing 5 different regions of the Kingdom and their unique architecture and traditional craftsmanship typically found in a Saudi “Dar.”210324 SV - Saudia Eatmarna Package-Face 2

The idea came to be in collaboration with the Heritage Commission under the Ministry of Culture to amplify the rich and diverse heritage of the country– from the bold weaving patterns in the North, to the abstract wall designs in the South, from the geometrical windows of the West to the vibrant home entrances in the East, and the intricate door engravings of the Central region. Combining the celebration of the Kingdom’s rich and varied culture with SAUDIA’s commitment to supporting the government’s efforts to protect the country and its people from the pandemic, the new hygiene kits represent a blend of culture and safety.sh03-v4-copy

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