Your Guide To Healthy Protein Consumption In Riyadh

Does your body need more protein?

Protein is an essential supplement for healthy muscles, bones and body. Meeting the daily protein requirement is essential, especially if you are working out and placing any form of stress on your muscles. The amounts vary depending on the age, sex, weight, height and activity level of the person.

According to the Institute of Medicine, your daily protein intake coming from protein sources should range from 10 – 35 percent.

Like any other food, overconsumption of protein can harm the body and damage your liver and other vital organs. Furthermore, only a certain amount of protein can be digested in one meal so it becomes unnecessary and harmful to exceed the body’s threshold.

This ideal amount of protein is recommended to be 20 grams.

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Protein promotes satiety and keeps a person full for long hours since it takes time for the body to digest; this is why you should always have a source of protein in your meals/snacks. Whether it’s a handful of nuts, a protein shake or even chocolate milk.

It is important to remember that having a meal with too much protein is pointless since the body only digests what it needs and stores the rest as fat, similar to other excess food intake.

Admittedly, an active individual who works out on a regular basis, whether it’s endurance or strength training, would require a higher amount of protein compared to a person who doesn’t engage in exercises at all. This is because during a workout your body tears muscle, and in order for it to grow and recover you would need the sufficient amount of protein to help build these tissues and enable fast recovery.

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  • In order to maximize benefits, your post workout meal should consist of protein, fats and carbs.
  • With our busy lifestyles, having a meal right after working out can be difficult for some.
  • A great tip is to carry a protein snack which is conveniently available in the market, making it much easier to consume post-workout protein.
  • You can opt for the appropriate nutritional content depending on personal health goals. Always remember that healthy food and lifestyle are the gateway to a happier life.

Protein in Town

Protein Powder

  • GNC Stores
  • Danube Supermarket
  • Nutrition Solutions (Othaim Mall)


  • Whites Pharmacy
  • Lulu Supermarket
  • Nutrition Solutions (Othaim Mall)

Juice Bars

  • Farghali
  • 50 Fruits (Exit 15)
  • Juice Time (Murooj)
  • Tutti Mango (Euromarche, Sahara Mall)

Protein Ice Cream

  • Shakes (Hayat Mall, Takhassussi St.)

Or purchase online
Facebook:  bigbensupplements
Instagram: speedsales, supplements.riyadh

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