Women to Watch

Dania Nassief / Danya Alhamrani

It’s been a great year for women in the Kingdom, and we continue to feel this forward momentum as more and more women have come out of the woodwork exhibiting the patterns of success: fearlessness, inspiration, commitment, and ambition. 

Destination presents a list of women in Saudi who are building a strong society for the next generation with their work – the ripple effects of their successes fostering more leaders for years to come. On top of all this, they are mothers, partners, and friends to those around them.

Dania Nassief / Danya AlhamraniDania Nassief &
Danya Alhamrani
Film producer & director
_dsc8852Iman Al Dabbagh
saja_raw-3Saja Kamal
Sports Advocate
maram_raw-7Maram Taibah
dr-malak_raw-1Dr. Malak Abed Althagafi
albatoul_raw-6Al Batoul Kutbi
Cybersecurity expert
_dsc8414Nadine Attar
Jewelry designer
_dsc7533Dina Al Tayeb
Nada Al NahdiNada Al Nahdi

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