Nada Al Nahdi: Explorer

Nada seeks freedom through traveling, she blogs her travel and gives tips to budget travelers.

Half-Yemeni, half-Indonesian, and Saudi-born Nada initially thought that traveling was inaccessible to her because of limited finances, and that travelling solo isn’t much fun. This all changed after a close friend of hers shattered all of her misconceptions and proved her wrong.

A senior account manager by day, Nada seeks freedom from routine during vacations, roaming in search of firsthand experiences untainted by the views of others or the media. She has visited over 30 countries including disputed territories and perilous grounds. She has no fear and tries to keep away from the discouraging words of others and any surrounding negativity. “You’ll never know what it’s really like unless you try it,” she says.

Around three years ago, she started blogging about her trips. Nada shares anecdotes of various places she visited and vivid imagery of many sites on her website. Also, she lets her readers in on valuable tips for getting out and about while budget traveling with regards to backpacking, managing expenses, visa related issues and more.

Exploring local Saudi touristic sites has been particularly capturing her attention lately. “There are many undiscovered gems here in Saudi that escape the knowledge of locals because simply the culture of domestic tourism is lacking.” She is working on starting a non-profit travel community where she can guide people around Saudi, popularising cultural heritage and natural sites and empowering others to try out budget traveling.

Instagram: nadaalnahdi

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