We’re Moving…From Physical To Digital!

Crate, the leading concept store in the Kingdom, is taking a step in the right direction as it moves it’s physical store entirely online as of September 30th, 2020 in a move to become an entirely digital e-commerce platform.

Crate’s physical store in Jeddah has seen three years of steady success, with an influx of the best local and independent brands in the region leading them to launch their e-commerce website only 9 months ago in December of 2019. 9a0e42e8-3985-4d39-b5c8-319ad5027e9e-copy

“We saw the growing potential of running e-commerce within the kingdom and we jumped on it,” says Rayan Fadul, co-founder and CEO of Crate. “After just 9 months of our website being up and running, we’re ready to take the entire store digital and are confident that we’ll conquer the e-commerce market for local and independent brands.


While the plans were always there to make a digital shift, COVID-19 has definitely expedited them and we’ve managed to facilitate this quite quickly. We believe digital is the future of all commerce and it’s definitely the future of Crate.” 88ba52b9-08ad-402f-a3c2-f0e601d58eca-copy

In its move online, Crate will house all of the current brands present (with the exception of food items) as well as a wide variety of new brands from around the Kingdom and beyond. Brands currently selling on the site include Beach Bisht, the innovative beach coverup with a traditional twist, Foulard, the leading brand in modest wear and beautifully crafted headscarves, and Azha, the Islamic inspired jewelry brand that is the first of it’s kind. cb86bad1-6510-4c1e-8515-d4c72ca06c73-copy

As the marketplace of local and independent brands, Crate aims to house as many of the best quality brands around as possible, connecting sellers with buyers and encouraging a local lifestyle. Unlike a physical store, with a digital e-commerce platform that offers worldwide shipping, the sky is quite literally the limit.

To find out more about how you can join them, send an email to hello@crateksa.com or visit their website www.crateksa.com/stock-with-us 

Follow them @crateksa or experience local shopping at www.crateksa.com/shop/

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