Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Cut, Faded, and Trendy

Cut, Faded, and Trendy

best barber in jeddah , The ultimate barber shop experience does not have a fixed equation. The small details and elements make your trip to one memorable– and determine where you’ll become a regular patron.

A barber’s job is not limited to cutting and styling your hair. They are expected to keep you entertained and entice you to return to the shop, creating a special relationship between you and your barber. When you become a regular, all you have to do is sit on the chair and let them do their magic.

In Saudi, three typical barber shop setups are available, each with a different vibe and fitting just about any budget you’re willing to allocate for monthly fix-me-up.


Average price for hair and beard: SR 25 - 35
The average price for hair and beard: SR 25 – 35

Neighborhood Fronts

Starting with the traditional barber shop, these are perfect when looking for a quick and cheap cut. They are spread all over the country, and you won’t need much searching before finding them. They can be identified with their banner informing you of their services, traditionally written in Arabic. These guys are experienced, and you’ll likely be in and out of their chairs in less than 10 minutes. Just a straight-up cut, no-frills, and no fuss.

Average price for hair and beard: SR 60-80
The average price for hair and beard: SR 60-80


Turkish barbers have always had their foot in the industry globally, and in Saudi, they were your step up go to in the 90s-early 00s, and for a good portion of lads, till today. Turkish barbers made a reputation for themselves as the “best barbers,” according to many. They’re everywhere in Saudi. Just look for the Turkish flag, which you’ll likely find inside every shop. These shops offer you a homey vibe and a top-tier hair and beard cut for an affordable price. They also offer extra services such as the nose and ear hair trimming. It’s a cheap, professional, and clean barbershop experience
that can be done in almost every district of the country. If you have never tried a Turkish cut, this is your sign.

Average price for hair and beard: SR 150 - 300
The average price for hair and beard: SR 150 – 300

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On the other end of the spectrum, these luxurious barber shops are taking pampering to the next level. They focus heavily on their interior, pushing forward the rustic and elegant look. They provide a top-tier treatment that makes you feel like you’re on top of the world while keeping your face trendy and fresh. In these shops, you will begin with a consultation session with your barber to discuss the right look for you. When done with the cut, you have the option to try the other services that make them stand out from your regular barbershop experience. From facials to hair treatments, it’s a guaranteed feel-good experience for any man looking for quality self-love time.

The first ever barber shop services date back to ancient Egyptians when they used instruments made of oyster shells and sharpened flints.

Make sure to try their braiding service
Make sure to try their braiding service

Barbero best barber in jeddah

Founded by Ahmad Yassine and “BK”, Barbero is a unique barbershop experience with highly energetic and fun folks doing what they believe they are born to do. Coming from an immense passion, they are here to give you the Brazilian barbershop experience in the heart of Jeddah. From the colorful interior, to the authenticity of the place and employees, Barbero is a great hangout spot with great energy and enthusiasm.

Locatioin: Al Andalus, Jeddah
Instagram: barberoksa
Tel: +966-552055048


Robert Hinch barber shop jeddah

Beginning their story in 2018 in Jeddah, Robert Hinch was founded by two friends with a vision of fine craftsmanship and styling, setting the scene for an exciting upgrade in the barbering industry. Robert Hinch provides its demanding clientele with a new level of service. From an array of products used in the service to the professionalism of the barbers and their knowledge of regional styles, Robert Hinch is set to become a leader in the men grooming industry.

Location: Ibrahim Al Jaffali, Al Andalus, Jeddah
Instagram: roberthinchksa
Tel: +966-12-4222272


Other barber shops you can visit in JEDDAH

  • Yazen
  • Leather Chair Barbershop
  • John Barber Shop

Chaps & Co Barbershop

Chaps & Co made their way from UAE and New York to Riyadh. Raising the standards for barbershops, Chaps & Co transforms your regular chore into a pleasurable experience. Their goal is to boost your confidence with the right look and allow men to have their own alone time where they can enjoy a cup of coffee as they get groomed. Focusing on the simplified luxurious experience, Chaps and Co guarantee you the ultimate hairstyle with their top-notch barbers.

Location:   Nojoud Mall, Riyadh
Instagram:  chapsandco_ksa/chapsandcobarbershop
Tel:   +966-535111871
Web:   chapsandco_ksa


Other barber shops you can visit in RIYADH

  • 30 Degrees Barbershop
  • Harmonic
  • Sharp Look

The Art Of Shaving

Founded in 1996 in New York, The Art of Shaving is a unique concept created out of the vision of a young couple dedicated to providing men with the best skincare and shaving experience. It combines art and passion with any daily routine while offering the ultimate grooming solutions. Their premium services consist of three primary services alongside a selection of additional services: The Royal Shave, as its name implies, is considered the ultimate shaving experience.

Location: The Zone Complex, Takhassusi St., Riyadh
Instagram: theartofshavingsa
Tel: +966-11-8109566


Toni Vays

When you step into Toni Vays, you will find yourself in a unique experience in the world of true Men Care. They’re a one-stop shop with services stretching from your regular hair cut to hair treatments. Their highly professional team is experienced in all areas of men’s care and will discuss with you your needs before starting with the services. Their services are combined in three packages, Classic, Platinum, and Elite, with different lengths and pricing.

Corniche, Alturki Center, Al Khobar
Olaya, Salam Tower, Al Khobar
Golden Belt, Patio Mall, Al Khobar

Instagram: tonivayz_men


Other barber shops in SHARQIYAH

  • Moon Face Barbershop
  • Don Barbero
  • New Look Barbershop

Padioi Barber Shop

Located in the heart of Khobar, Padioi seeks to provide you with the ultimate grooming experience. With their intricately designed shop and the professionalism found in the staff, Padioi is one of the best barbershops to indulge in self-care and upgrade your summer look. Make sure to try their manicure and pedicure services. It will leave you fully relaxed and ready to take on your day.

Location: Prince Sultan Bin Fahd St., Qurtoba, AlKhobar
Tel:  +966-561408880



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