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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Stay On Track With These Hajj Apps

Stay On Track With These Hajj Apps

Some of the most sacred days during the Islamic calendar are the days of pilgrimage or Hajj. These apps will help you make the most of your Hajj.

1. Salam by Hajjnet

salamIf the only app you get to help you during Hajj, this is the one. The app is beautifully designed and it guides you through all the days of Hajj by giving you a schedule built within.

It’s not just for people committed to doing hajj but also those wanting to perform Umrah as well.

Everything recommended to say and pray for is provided in Arabic, transliteration, and its meaning, while personal du’a feature allows you to create and manage a list of everything you want to ask for yourself and loved ones.

More information about their apps is on the website. Download the iOS or get it on Android.





2. Ministry of Hajj

ministry of hajjThe Ministry of Hajj has a clean updated website. It provides all the information anyone performing Hajj or Umrah would require.

They also have a section for Hajj e-services and information on Hajj instructions and regulations.

Find more on their site.





3. Hajj e-services Official App

icon175x175The Ministry of Hajj has made available Hajj e-services on mobile devices. The pilgrims may search for their (1) Hajj request status (2) Search for an authorized hajj company. Pilgrims can also search for any authorized Hajj company by entering selecting city or entering company name, code, or by selecting camps categories.

Get the app on iOS or Android.







4. Dua 

icon175x175 duaaThis paid app only focuses on prayers recited by famous reciters in Arabic.

The app interface is clean and simple.

You can choose any reciter and view their pages as well.

Get it on iOS.






5. Eqra’a

eqra'aEqra’a is a Quran reader that has the same style of pages as the Qurans found in the two holy mosques.

You can bookmark your pages and it’s also available on the iPad.

Get it on iOS.





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