Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Urban Couture

Urban Couture
 Photo Courtesy: Urban Couture

Infusing Arabian heritage and contemporary styles, Urban Couture designs the modern thobe for the modern Arab. Branching out beyond a simple clothing line Urban Couture is a lifestyle for a new generation catering to your lifestyle and individuality from color, fabric and design.

Urban CoutureTaking its inspiration from traditional roots, Urban Couture is fit for the established businessman or the style-conscious twenty-something. Urban Couture offers a wide variety of customizable designs to suit your lifestyle.

With a hundred percent cotton and jersey so comfortable they feel as if they‘re a part of you. Comfort is critical, especially when sitting through never-ending board meetings, or hosting relatives past your bedtime.


For the more active there’s the Athletico, tailored out of jersey fabric fitted with a hood and a unipocket for that sportier look without substituting versatility and durability.


Inspired by city-life, the Manhattan is designed for those who want something more comfortable to travel in, cutting edge and representative of where he comes from, not to mention wrinkle resistant.


For the prep school girl or boy, the Rugby, a perfectly tailored thobe, is the ideal fit to reflect that contemporary edge.

thobe1-optimized thobe2-optimizedSafari

There’s also the Safari, with suede elbow and collar detail, that creates a classic, yet chic outfit suitable for almost any occasion

The Havannah (Classico)

With the same versatility, as the Safari, also available in the Havannah M which is a more formal version made of raw silk.


While all are unisex, the raw silk is a special model catering to the fashionistas who often accessorize with wide high-waist belts to further individualize their look.

Urban Couture has redefined the traditional Arab thobe to meet the demands and tastes of today’s world. By fusing together various cultures, the designs of Urban Couture reflect our contemporary lifestyle and satisfy our distinct hunger for fashion.

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