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Samuda and their luxury lifestyle treasure.

A hidden gem led to the conception of the Saudi luxury brand Samuda, which prides itself on its deep-rooted love for Saudi culture and traditions, emulated in its vibrant designs depicting alluring sceneries from all over the Kingdom.


EDITOR’S PICK: Al Balad Silk Scarf

Samuda is a small village in AlQassim province known for its picturesque lavender fields amongst the white desert sand. This image offers a breathtaking contrast to the abundant beauty of Saudi.




They contribute to Saudi Arabia’s fashion and design scene by showcasing traditional arts and heritage, such as the famed Asiri Qatt motif painted on the interiors of Asir houses. kaz00112

Some of their other designs are inspired by regional landmarks like the Hijazi architecture of AlBalad, floral views of Taif, the historic beauty of Diriyah, the balloon festival of AlUla, and more.


Samuda provides high-quality and contemporary gifts ranging from accessories to home decor, and lifestyle collectibles.




Their most known selection is their scarves, intricately crafted using meticulously selected materials such as high-quality silk, cashmere, and wool.

Diriyah Wooden Box SR 1,600 - 2,000

Diriyah Wooden Box
SR 1,600 – 2,000

Each product exudes elegance–proudly inspired by and designed in Saudi Arabia and produced in Italy. The brand identifies that one of the most significant elements of Saudi culture stems from gifting and hospitality, which is what the brand aims to achieve with its products packed with heritage, beauty, and elegance.

Tel: +966-554458311 
Instagram: samudalifestyle

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