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TUMI Launches TUMI Paddock Pop-Up in Jeddah

TUMI Launches TUMI Paddock Pop-Up in Jeddah

TUMI, the leading international travel and lifestyle brand, launches the TUMI Paddock Pop-Up appearing in the Red Sea Mall, Jeddah, Middle East on  1 – 4 December. 

Ffollowing it’s the successful launch in Shanghai, China back in October, the TUMI Paddock pop-up brings the TUMI Fall 2021 collection to life in a showcase that conveys the impeccable craftsmanship that goes into every TUMI product through unique visual displays and interactive zones.

In celebration of the first F1 Saudi Arabian F1 Grand Prix, TUMI is  proud to bring the experience to the middle eastglad to launch the paddock which was deputed in Shanghai, China to bring the F1 heat in town. An exciting feature of the TUMI Paddock is the TUMI Grand Prix Racing Experience ’21, giving fans the opportunity to race in state-of-the-art simulators that puts them behind the wheel of a F1 race car. Not only will participants enjoy the thrill of F1 racing, the top drivers with the fastest race times can qualify to win incredible prizes from the TUMI | McLaren collection. 176a6473

TUMI, in continuation of their partnership with luxury supercar maker and Formula 1 team, McLaren, added 9 new styles to their TUMI | McLaren collection on the 12th of October 2021. The embodiment of performance luxury, this collection combines the product innovation of TUMI and the engineering science behind McLaren for a seamless integration of lifestyle, fashion and technology. This season’s newest arrivals include the Halo Backpack, Brox Slim Utility Pouch, M-Tech Soft Satchel, Remex Accessory Kit and Fuel Small Crossbody.176a6579

Presenting performance luxury with the TUMI Paddock Pop-Up

The TUMI Paddock Pop-Up arrives to showcase performance luxury in a refined open space with sleek design details subtly inspired by F1 racing pit stops and garages. Upon entering the TUMI Paddock, a structural central installation presents an exploded view of a TUMI | McLaren Aero International Expandable 4 Wheel Carry-On in a visceral showcase of the premium quality components and precise craftsmanship that go into creating every piece. Inspired by the childhood memory of playing with model car kits, this artistic and educational installation brings to life. Exquisite translucent paneling and glowing tube lighting fixtures invite further exploration around the space, where sophisticated yet minimalist displays show off an array of select TUMI pieces from this season’s most coveted collections including 19 Degree Aluminum, Harrison collections in Black Navy, Alpha 3 Storm Blue and select TUMI | McLaren styles.176a6560

A plethora of interactive TUMI Paddock activations and special offers further await to engage and entertain visitors. These include:

Race to the finish line with the TUMI Grand Prix Racing Experience ’21

Get ready to buckle up and start your engines: the TUMI Grand Prix Racing Experience ’21 is here to test your driving skills with state-of-the-art F1 simulators that offer an exhilarating immersive driving experience. In a gaming rig specially engineered for pro esports races, drivers will feel every inch of the track as they speed to the finish line thanks to high-spec hardware and realistic feedback. Chosen as a nod to the McLaren Racing team’s recent one-two finish, the Italian Grand Prix simulator track will provide all drivers with a level racing field. Clock one of the top 3 fastest times to become a local tournament winner and receive a prize from the TUMI | McLaren collection.

TUMI Grand Prix Racing Experience ’21 – Local Tournament Prizes



With the TUMI Grand Prix Racing Experience ‘21 taking place across different international locations, all race times by participating drivers from around the world will be logged on a regional leaderboard. The TUMI Grand Prix Racing Experience ’21 will culminate in the world’s fastest finisher being announced as the winner of the Grand Prize from the TUMI | McLaren collection: the Aero International Expandable 4 Wheel Carry-On and Torque Sling. The official winner announcement will take place on TUMI social media on 27 December 2021. Don’t miss your chance to emerge as the leader of the pack – strap into the simulator and hit the racetrack.

Victor Sanz, Creative Director of TUMI says of the TUMI Paddock Pop-Up experience:
“Through this event, we are able to bring the experience of this collaboration to all of our TUMI customers and loyal McLaren fans. We look forward to showcasing the passion we’ve put into the collection and the continued excitement we have for both McLaren and all of our global citizens around the world by sharing this moment with all of you.”

Discover the TUMI Paddock and test your skills with the TUMI Grand Prix Racing Experience ’21. To explore the TUMI Fall 2021 collection and TUMI | McLaren collection available now, visit TUMI stores and

TUMI Paddock Opening Dates, Times and Venue
Red Sea Mall, Jeddah, KSA
1st December to 4th December 2021 Inclusive
10am – 1am


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