Lessons You Can Learn From Positive Psychology

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Positive psychology is all the ‘rage’ these days! Earlier psychologists majorly focused on fixing negative problems, positive psychologists instead focus on happiness and how to find it.

Here are some of the best lessons from positive psychology:

1.   Have self-compassion.

Being kind to yourself and taking care of your own feelings is known as self-compassion. Most of us are our own worst enemies; be your own friend. 

2.   It beats self-criticism.

Sure self-compassion may have some negatives if the person is too focused on themselves, but it’s better than being negative towards oneself on any given day.


3.   Be aware of humanity.

Being consciously aware of humanity makes you a better and happier person. Be aware that we’re all human being, all of us have feelings, and everyone has the capacity to do good. 


4.   Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is one of the highlights of 2015. It is when you choose to be aware of your thoughts and decisions, but mindfulness is also a way to bring a sense of calm and relaxation, as done through the Mindfulness Coloring Books for Adults.

5.   In your hands.

Your happiness is in your own hands. It’s up to you to either let others make the decision or yourself.


6.   Define your happiness.

You need to decide what makes you happy. Is it going to be something fleeting and materialistic, or is it going to be your productivity and the ways in which you spend your day?

7.   Do for others.

An important fact is that we become happy when we give it to others, first.

8.   Talk about your problems.

Positive psychology lets you know that you are not alone and neither do you have to be. Release your stress and pent up emotions and talk to your loved ones about the things that bother you; being vulnerable is sometimes a good thing.


9.   Be aware of the long-term.

We tend to focus on our worries, most of which doesn’t even deserve our stress! Think about the long-term implications of a problem and if it’s not really going to affect your future then don’t let it affect your present. Deal with it with patience and calm.

10.   Choose optimism.

It’s all your choice. Try to be more optimistic, whenever you can. Avoid people who bring your mood down and make you focus on the pessimism.


11.   Accept change.

You can’t have things your way all the time. Be accepting of change and don’t be afraid to do something different with your life.

12.   Be more productive.

You can’t be a happy person if you spend all day in bed or in a corner. Explore the world around you and add to it – take up a project and challenge yourself to do it. It’ll keep things moving and interesting!

13.   Your body is just as important.

Don’t forget to take of your body! The health of the mind and soul is directly linked to our bodies. 


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