Toastmasters On The Go

On January the 21st, we had the honor of being part of the Toastmasters international event at Effat University. 

With loads of excitement, the event began with a word from the president of Toastmasters. We then had a speech by the past district leader, Sarah Al Ansari, where she connected the public speaking event with a spark of fire.

After the welcome speeches, we were told the rules being that the contestants will wait for their turns outside the hall and come in one-by-one and replying to the same question. 

And so we started! The question was “Motivation alone is not the true strength in goal achievement, what do you think of this statement?”

All contestants put their answers incredibly as they went ahead and expressed their inner perspectives. Some students responded by saying “the strength will not come easy, you will not find it while you are walking in the journey of your life” and more influential public speaking that definitely touched us. That was the influential talk that we needed.

Ending the ceremony, the contestants were awarded with the trophies that they deserved! This experience with Effat University’s Tough Master was definitely worth it!

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