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#Throwback to the ’80’s This Spring!

#Throwback to the ’80’s This Spring!

By AlJouhara AlMoammar

Keep calm and pretend it’s the 80’s.

Yup, actually 2017 is all about the 80’s fashion!

From bold shapes, colors and styles in the 80’s, less sure wasn’t more in the 80’s !

Let’s highlight the top comebacks trends that spring 2017 runways stole from the 80’s but of course in less extreme and more wearable way!

1. Vibrant Colors


Bright, super bright colors actually. Fuchsia, yellow, green and bright blue!

2. Puff Shoulder


While not as big a trend as the 80’s but it seems that this trend is making a comeback.

3. Ruffles 


Of course, ruffles aren’t new. Most trends aren’t, anyway, but it keeps on evolving and they are everywhere this spring!

4. Mirrored Sunglasses

Photo Credits:
Photo Credits:

Oh yeah mirrored sunglasses is one of the major trends in 2017.

5. Florals


It’s spring. Florals are a must but neon florals are taking over more this season like they did in the 80’s!

6. Waist Cinchers & Corset Belts


Stay in style and fit at the same time, this trend pops out and it’s taking our breath away!

7. Razzle-Dazzle Sparkle & Sequins 


The headline says it all. Yes, keep on sparkling this spring! 

8.Trench Coats & Robes 


Relax, we don’t mean the winter trench coats (duh!) but the light spring ones.

Go light and wrap it along.



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