The Tree of Life

By Ahmed Almulla

A symbol of survival and determination.

A journey in the desert took me to an astonishing site. Through the oil pipelines, the massive campsites and the rigid landscape, there stood a 9.75-meter tall tree. It is indeed magical as it stands in the midst of emptiness. Though you may think that it is only a tree, it is not any ordinary tree. It is a 400-year old tree that managed to acclimate itself to the harsh environment of the desert. It is such an icon of survival. How can such a tree stay this long without any form of human intervention?

I stood before this tree contemplating the idea of life and survival. One way or another, we are all survivors in this life. Our days can get as bleak as the desert this tree stands in but we have chosen to survive, and by surviving, we have thrived. As human species, we possess the determination to continue our journey in life and achieve a better future, leaving our mark in the world and making our presence known to everyone.

This tree is not different from us. It survived the harshest environment in the country for centuries and made its presence known to everyone who lives on the island. In fact, 50,000 visitors come to see the tree every year. Each comes with a different purpose. Some come to study its natural habitat while some come to enjoy a lovely time with the family. Above all, this tree has proven that it welcomes life and it is determined to stay and make its presence known. It is the tree of magic, tree of wonders, tree of life.

As I witnessed the sunset at this remarkable place, I pondered: “Isn’t it beautiful to come and appreciate the beauty of the desert?” As I bid farewell to the tree and walked away, a nice breeze blew on my face. I knew that this is the tree’s way of appreciating my visit. Visitors have to come here and appreciate its beauty, but it’s not just beauty that makes this tree remarkable; it is resilience, persistence and determination to stand against all odds and survive. So long the Tree of Life, until we meet again someday soon!

Location: The Tree of Life – Southern Governorate, Bahrain

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