Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

The Online Hub: Saudi Gamer

The Online Hub: Saudi Gamer

The evolving gaming sphere in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Gamers began in 2009 as a website created to display a podcast by Mashhour Aldubeyan. With the love, appreciation, and support shown to the podcast, the large platform turned into a media outlet unfolding gaming news and trustworthy reviews using slang Saudi before moving into proper Arabic.

Being on the top 5 of Apple Podcasts, Extra Dose releases weekly episodes. The podcast is divided into several categories in which guests immerse themselves for around two hours, where they discuss games they’ve played, the topic of the week, and answer fan questions. Moreover, they have a website that offers an array of informative articles to guide their fans to their games.

With the rapid and substantial podcast growth, they expanded onto all social media platforms, including YouTube and Twitter. The charismatic and professional Mashhour Aldubeyan hosts the podcast, and through this platform, he was able to inspire and influence many gamers across the region.

During this period, Mashhour has caught the attention of many investors, including Webedia Arabia adding recognition to Saudi Gamers within its first year. Upon other successes, Saudi Gamers was also chosen as the gaming news source on Amazon Alexa, recently launched in the Middle East with Arabic support.

Currently, the Saudi Gaming ecosystem is living its best period in history. The growth is due to Saudi’s increasing interest in gaming.

According to Saudi Gamers, a financial report recently considered Saudi as the number one market for gaming in the region, listing the country as the most important market for the gaming industry in the region economically. Saudi Gamers add “We must increase support to the region’s game developers. This is a topic where Saudi is doing its best through initiatives and programs aimed towards developers to improve skills and provide them with the best tools.”

Top 4 predictions for the gaming industry in 2022
– Higher earnings
– Increased interest in the MENA region,  especially in Esports
– More support from the government
– More game releases

Top 5 games in Saudi Arabia
– GTA 5
– Fortnite
– Call of Duty
– God of War

Be a part of the community, understand what they like, and deliver it with your own style.  If you want to be part of the industry as a media outlet, you must find a way to please all sides, which requires you to be part of them in the first place.

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