The New Hallmark Store at Riyadh Gallery

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A decade ago or so, we used to get our Hallmark cards by going to one of the older supermarkets in Riyadh, like Azizia Panda on Takhassussi or Euromarche.

People would spend a long time reading through the sentimental and often cheesy front covers trying to pick just the right line to convey how they feel.

After what felt to us like a hiatus, we were delighted to find out that Hallmark is back with a store in the Riyadh Gallery.

It was rather nostalgic to see the racks of cards all lined up, one for every occasion you can think of and then some. On top of that, they’ve finally brought in the gift wrapping and invitation cards other Hallmark stores around the world has into the city.

We love how Hallmark somewhat reinvented their product range, offering trinkets, toys, BOARD GAMES (we so approve), LEGO and exclusive Peanuts merchandise. As you would expect, Hallmark is still all about tugging heartstrings.

One thing we have to give you a heads up on, is that apparently inspiring stuff can be pricey. But maybe if you miss the art of gifting and like novelty, you won’t mind.

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