The Green Revolution: Ghiras Alshahraa (Yazan Ranch)

Yazan Ranch, located 58 kilometers from Jeddah, is an ecological hotspot.

Firas AbdulJawad utilizes the 1 million square meter space in the most efficient way possible. Ghiras AlSahraa is a high-tech farm that combines the most recent aquaponics and aquaculture systems to support production methods that do not require soil or the addition of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.


Firas’ desire to maintain the ranch extends beyond production. His ambition is to open the farm to the public and promote agricultural tourism in Saudi Arabia to raise awareness about sustainable and ethical ways to conserve and preserve the environment. We also discovered numerous endangered birds and animals at the ranch, like the Idmi or mountain gazelle. img_9351

Firas is implementing different agriculture techniques depending on the type of crop. Alongside the Aquaponic micro-farm, he dedicated a small section for traditional farming using the drip irrigation system. Moreover, he has a greenhouse where he experiments with different crops utilizing the compost produced by his animals on the farm.

 Instagram: yazenranch

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