Rituals Cosmetics is the Official Partner of AlUla Wellness Festival

Escape to the desert canyons with Rituals Cosmetics and envelope yourself amidst the vastness of AlUla sanctuary this month. The brand is the official wellness partner of the AlUla Wellness Festival; an immersive and holistic experience in Saudi Arabia that energizes mind, body, and soul.

Returning for its second edition from 29th September until 16th October, Rituals Cosmetics and AlUla Wellness Festival have created a retreat full of yoga and meditation events, personalized by credited yoga experts and practitioners.


As part of the festival, Rituals will partake in the Five Senses Sanctuary program, offering guided workshops, wellness classes, and talks designed to provoke the senses, activate conversations and inspire change.


Themed around the healing powers of silence, the festival will include transformative sessions during the day while weekend evenings will be full of memorable concert performances at Maraya.


This collaboration between both brands creates the perfect synergy, providing guests attending the festival with a sense of deep relaxation and calming inner peace. Rituals Cosmetics will enable all guests to elevate their personal wellness journey and transform daily routines into meaningful and impactful moments.


For more information on registration and the program, please visit: www.experiencealula.com

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