The Giordano Appeal

Modern simplicity, style, and substance.

Giordano prides itself on being a cross-cultural brand, owned by its local consumers, bringing to life the “Think Global, Act Local” phrase. Add to that their commitment to superior service, excellent quality, and great value, which has enabled the company to successfully execute its multi-brand and multi-market strategy.

The result: each Giordano adapts to their market and customers’ needs, wants, and culture, while maintaining  a cosmopolitan, international, and contemporary touch across the board. All of this is instantly recognizable when you step into any of their showrooms around the world.

Further adjusting to its customers contemporary lifestyles, Giordano’s latest campaign “Stay in Touch” pays homage to the third technological revolution that has enabled the entire world to get closer to each other, wherever they are. We all manage to stay in touch with our friends, families, and loved ones thanks to technology, and Giordano encourages us all to make sure these connections stay meaningful. With campaigns such as this that are relevant to their customers’ interests and lifestyles, and with their global appeal, it’s no surprise that Giordano remains one of the top five clothing retailers in the Arab region.

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