The Conscious Innovator, How Sheema Khalid Al-Nafisee is Changing the World

After her career at Saudi Aramco, Sheema Khalid Al-Nafisee shifted her trajectory towards something more meaningful and close to her heart: Providing a clean and sustainable source of drinking water to the GCC.  

It became clear to Sheema that water is life and investing in this type of venture would be beneficial to the region and beyond.  Thus, a new conscious mission was shaped – to deliver, through honesty and integrity,  premium clean natural drinking water to the GCC.elysian-bottle-20-copy

This gave rise to a new spirit of Saudi entrepreneurs with a  business direction that aims to educate, empower, and safeguard future generations. Sheema launched Skan For Water, which was established in 2015, to be the leading wholesaler of affordable premium bottled water from naturally replenished sources. With that, Elysian was born with the intention to achieve social impact through sustainability, reliability, and integrity.

Besides closely managing its growth, Sheema also spends her time researching and studying different sources of water as well as other natural food sources from all over the world.  She carefully tests and selects new options to expand her product portfolio with a goal to bring these resources within reach of the GCC communities. Elysian offers fresh mineral water imported from an untouched spring located 30 meters beneath a frozen glacial surface. Elysian is bottled directly at its source.elysian-bottle-14-copy

The brand’s mantra is “Thirst for More”. Elysian remains committed to creating a platform to remind our communities to nourish our souls and make us better people, to focus on the important things in life: Love for self and others, compassion, faith, and family.  Elysian is gaining a following through Sheema’s commitment to serving social causes such as recycling initiatives to shift the cultural perspective for future generations.  Elysian’s brand aims to reflect and champion this evolution, promoting what they call an “Elysian State of Mind” – a lifestyle and ideology of aspiration, growth, and positive transformation. Learn more about how you can be a part of this movement to drive social change and a sustainable future by contacting them on  Instagram: elysian_water

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