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The Author: Yasmina Al Mutabagani, 22

Yasmina’s writing journey began when she was in Grade 7. Since then, she has wanted to be an author who writes books that speak to the soul.

Accomplishing a considerable amount of achievements at a very young age, she recently published her debut,  “Waheeba’s Lie.” Yasmina has also written for Saudi Gazette and also conducts different writing workshops.
Her biggest challenge has been the wait for companies and people to respond back to her. “I’ve had to muster up the courage and faith that things will eventually work out,” she says._dsc1304

“I believe in looking at the glass as half full and not half empty. As a new author reaching out to so many people, I always remind myself that my voice will be heard, I’ll just have to be patient.” Success for Yasmina is having a positive impact on others, allowing oneself to reach out to them, and them to reach out to you. She looks up to Fatima Al Banawi, for her honesty and fearlessness in expressing herself. One of the authors who really inspires her is Elif Shafak, the author of “The Forty Rules of Love.”

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