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The 2 Diet Secrets You'll Ever Need to Know

By Maha Al Jawini
Everyone seems to be on some kind of detox or a “something-free” diet these days.

It is easy to attribute this to several reasons: we all want to feel and look good, and we all want to be healthy and happy about ourselves. But one vital question comes to mind, why do most of these diets make us feel more punished rather than rewarded?

With so many speculations around dieting and clean eating, we can only boil it down to two ultimate secrets in our humble opinion. Drum roll and curtains up, first secret:

Be a “Foodie!” Define your relationship with food and ask yourself: Is food really central to my daily lifestyle? Do I enjoy trying new flavors? Dining in unique places around the globe?

The more you enhance your relationship with food, the more you’ll have a refined taste of what is really good. Eventually, you will understand that good food comes from high quality ingredients and that high quality ingredients come from natural, fresh, and nutritious sources! You will find yourself more aware of the ingredients you purchase, making sure you only pick the best for yourself and your family.

Additionally, the more you love food, the more you will enjoy cooking it and getting creative with it. You may even start sharing this joy with friends or even taking a photo or two for your Instagram page! Loving your food will make you more organized and make meal planning a joy rather than a burden.

Here comes our second secret.

The answer to all the dieting dilemmas you normally face: Forget the labels, the numbers, the complicated calculations and dietary restrictions, just listen carefully to what your body tells you!

Learn the art of listening to what your body tells you after having a specific meal. Monitor your mood and energy after introducing or withdrawing an item from your daily food plan.

This way you will realize that there is no such thing as a diet plan that works for everyone, and that each individual is a unique creation of God. Listening to your body does not mean that you should overeat foods that make you feel well and energized. Always remember that balance is the key to everything, and that dietary restrictions apply to individuals with specific clinical requirements.

In summary, we believe that these two core principles make clean eating more realistic and enjoyable. So stay away from fads, diet hypes and overly complicated solutions. Once mindful, positive, and clear perceptions are made about food, healthy choices will come naturally and clean eating becomes a lifestyle.

About the Expert:
Maha Al Jawini is a certified Clinical Dietitian and the Founder of Health CoutureTM, a local Saudi brand that has two branches under its umbrella: a line of local organic pre-packaged goods in Saudi Arabia. The other is an educational branch that promotes clean eating and recipe formulation through HC’s social media platforms and health and fitness events in the region. Maha works constantly to change the invalid perceptions about healthy eating and continuously promotes the creation of creative options from local and natural ingredients, elevating health to a delicious level.

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