Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Ten Types of Tourists with their Cameras

Ten Types of Tourists with their Cameras

We’ve narrowed down nine types of tourist photographers.

It’s easy to spot tourists. They’re the ones with the cameras and fingers pointing. It’s possible you’ve come across at least a few of these:

1. Scenery Addict

lens-1209823_960_720They take numerous pictures of the skyline, sunsets, farms, mountains and the ocean. They’re addicted to scenery and are probably looking for the perfect wallpaper.

2. Selfie Fanatic

selfie-465563_960_720Every picture is a selfie. See a cool sign? Selfie. Finally meet the pyramids? Selfie. Panda? Selfie. Busy downtown street? Selfie. They can turn everything into a selfie opportunity.

3. Larger than life Props

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They use monuments and signature buildings as their props. Whether it’s trick photography to pinch the Statue of liberty or to hold the Eiffel Tower under their fingers, these tourists don’t miss the opportunity to turn the world into a prop.

4. The Miniaturists

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Speaking of props, these tourists can make everything look like a miniature model, regardless of its actual size.

5. Beatles Buff

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They don’t miss the chance to pose as the Beatles crossing Abbey Road, sometimes it’s just one tourist posing as all four.

6. Posers

Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:

They take pictures with the Royal Guard, people in traditional clothes and anyone else who looks different.

7. Lonely Tourist

photographer-407068_960_720They like being on their own away from any distractions. Some fall under this category because of reasons out of their control, like the girl who went on her honeymoon alone because her husband wasn’t issued a visa, but hey she still seemed to have the time of her life.

8. 360 ° GoPro Experts

sport-539472_960_720‘Expert’ might be far-fetched, but these tourists take their GoPro everywhere, often with the stick. They make sure to take an all-round picture, quite literally.

9. Spring Feet

youth-570881_960_720They jump a lot whenever they can, wherever they can.

10. Can you please..?

camera-84893_1280They’re usually in groups and they turn everything into an event by asking random strangers to take their group photos.

So, which kind are you?


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