Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Taking Care of Your Spiritual Welfare

Taking Care of Your Spiritual Welfare

10KSA, in collaboration with our global partner Alwaleed Philanthropies, have been reporting on the best methods to cope and maintain mental wellness in the face of adversity and health concerns.

In the series that identifies the mind and body, we conclude with strengthening the spirit.

Following a spiritual practice can make help your life’s purpose, form better personal relationships and enhance stress management skills. Irrespective of your faith or religion, spirituality in general is linked to greater mental health. Set aside time in your schedule to pray or meditate, in order to achieve a greater sense of calm and stability.

The tips below can provide much-needed stress relief.

Pray and Meditate
Many studies have found that 10 to 20 minutes of meditation twice a day causes what is called the “relaxation response”: decreased metabolism, decreased heart rate, decreased breathing rate and slower, calmer brain waves. The daily ritual prayers as espoused in Islam have the same effect as the relaxation response.
Find a Sense of Purpose
By understanding what’s most important, you can shift your focus away from the unimportant things and reduce stress.

Read Spiritual Writings
Delving into passages from the Koran and other faith-based texts or writings on spirituality can put you in touch with ancient traditions of wisdom and give you a sense of connection with a more divine reality. These texts can provide new insights and a sense of comfort during challenging times.
Retreat to Inspiring Spaces
Natural settings, concerts and museums can help you cultivate a sense of peace.
Seek Spiritual Guidance
Consult your religious figure or join a prayer or meditation group for support. Social engagement reduces isolation, while promoting a sense of community.
Keep a Journal
Writing down your thoughts and expressing your feelings can help increase self-awareness, while contributing to your spiritual growth and development.
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