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21 Facts About Jinns According to the Islam

21 Facts About Jinns According to the Islam

We are all afraid of the unknown and the unseen to the degree that people almost don’t say the words out of fear of being…I’m really not sure what they think will happen.

Unlike Voldemort, however, we could dare to speak their names aloud and not worry, about the scratching sounds that come from the kitchen. In an attempt to help you overcome your unusual fear of that which we don’t understand, we bring to you some facts about Jinns from the Quran & Sunnah.

Knowledge is power after all.

  • Jinns are made up of a smokeless mix of fires, just like energy. This would explain most of the horror movies detecting demons in the attic with an electromagnetic field (EMF) meter.
  • Jinns have no original shape and have the ability to take the shape of anything. They tend to take the shape of Dogs and Snakes or of something that terrifies humans, although they don’t actually look that way. So next time you think your hanging coat looked like a terrifying figure, just laugh it off.
  • Jinns live in a parallel universe/dimension, giving them the ability to see into our dimension while being invisible to the human eye.
  • We can only see Jinns if and when they want us to see them.
  • Jinns can appear in the form of dead people as well. Ghosts and spirits don’t exist; they are actually Jinns taking the shape of dead people. In Islam dead people cannot come back to this world, they move on to the next and never look back. Something we should learn.
  • Jinns live like us; they eat, drink and marry just like we do.
  • Jinns travel in the speed of light. That is 2340 km in milliseconds, so basically they could teleport o_0
  • Jinns have the strength of 40/50/60 human men. It must be their healthy diet.
  • Jinns could turn mass into energy and back into mass. E=mc^2. Einstein knew what he was talking about apparently. This also explains the money I keep losing 😛
  • Although Jinns are physically stronger, they aren’t intellectually stronger than humans. Which is why, Iblees was asked to bow down to Adam.
  • This also explains why Jinns have an inferiority complex to us because we are more knowledgeable than them and so; their main mission in life is to destroy our faith.
  • Jinns live much longer than us, thousands and thousands of years. I’d mess with humans too with that kind of time in my hands.
  • There are different types of Jinns. Each type has a different strength or ability.
  • Jinns can run through you like your blood does and give you thoughts.
  • Jinns eat our leftovers like the bones of fish and chicken etc. Its really not scary, just think of it as a pet.
  • There are Muslim and Non-muslim Jinn. Muslim Jinn don’t harm us. It’s the non-Muslim jinn who harm us.
  • Non-Muslim Jinns are attracted to filth, filthy actions and filthy places. Its time to stock up on some hygiene products.
  • Only Prophet Sulaiman was given the power to control Jinn and he is the only one. So yeah, your friendly neighborhood magician is lying to you.
  • Black magic (Sihr) is done by a magician communicating with the Jinn, by asking him for favors and in return worshipping him instead of Allah.
  • Magicians have to do Kufr and Shirk by doing sacrilegious and humiliating things, so that the Jinn can in return do the magician a favor.
  • When you do magic, you sell your soul to the Jinn, automatically kicking you out of the fold of Islam, since you cannot be a worshipper of Allah at the same time.

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Did you know:

The Temple of Solomon was built by Jinn
The stories about the Genie in a lamp and the flying carpet are stories inspired by the times of the Prophet Sulaiman.


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