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Summer Reading Sorted

Summer Reading Sorted

By Sumaiyya Naseem and Noura Al Joaib

We’re huge bookworms and these are our recommendations.

Muslim Fiction Forever sofia_khan_b_pb

“Sofia Khan is Not Obliged”, Ayisha Malik

It’s impossible to not laugh while reading this book. A much needed story about being a young Muslim woman today.the-girl-in-the-tangerine-scarf-2

“The Girl in the Tangerine Scarf”, Mohja Kahf

Khadra’s story of growing up a Muslim and an immigrant in America. Amazing Muslim diversity in this book.

Sci-fi Adventures

27833670-_uy2850_ss2850_“Dark Matter”, Blake Crouch

Jason Dessen is kidnapped and wakes up in an alternate version of his life. Chaos ensues.

1430789787569474338“The Long Way To A Small Angry Planet”, Becky Chambers

A vibrant cast of diverse characters, a highly imaginative plot and an adventure in space.

Revive Your Cold Heart

amancalledove“A Man Called Ove”, Fredrik Backman

An ill-tempered old man’s life changes after a very loud family moves in next door.81cj4utzerl

“Love Letters of the Great War”, Mandy Kirkby

A collection of actual love letters from the time of the second World War.

Read in One Sitting

ows_147103075033989“Security”, Gina Wohlsdorf

A slasher-thriller told from the perspective of security cameras in a luxury hotel. This book will shock you.cover-for-everything-everything

“Everything Everything”, Nicola Yoon

An adorable YA about a girl who is allergic to the world. This quick-read is filled with cute illustrations.

Inspiring Memoir

ows_145281416856593“When Breath Becomes Air”, Paul Kalanithi

Written in the final months of his life, surgeon turned patient Paul Kalanithi reflects back on his life to answer the question – What makes life worth living?

Beautifully Written

harmlesslikeyou-rfw2“Harmless Like You”, Rowan Hisayo Buchanan

This is a tender story of wanting to become an artist, needing closure and the void that sometimes can’t be filled.

“Salt Houses”, Hala Alyan (Editor’s Pick)

A multi-generational story of a Palestinian family set from the 1960s to present day. It’s a sweeping saga that humanizes the conflict and explores the journey of one family.

Noir Reads

If you love police procedurals, psychological profiling or the dangerous thrill of chasing a serial killer story – these books will be perfect noir reads for you.

Younger Reads, ages 8-12

c159e877-85ce-47aa-bfec-5c27ccf68177“Because of Mr.Trupt”, Rob Buyea

Through the eyes of different students, Buyea writes about how a great teacher can find the best in his students and nourish it to help them be better. An inspiring and gripping story for kids and adults alike.

9780316201568“The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell (Series)”, Chris Colfer

Colfer blends classical fairy tales with modern day. Follow the lives of two children, Alex and Conner, and how a magical book of stories transports them to an enchanted world.

Non-Fiction and Non-Boring

onmusic“Absolutely on Music”, Haruki Murakami and Seiji Ozawa

Let’s be honest, no reading list is complete without a Murakami book. This book is a detailed exchange between the famed Japanese writer and Ozawa, a music conductor.

the-view-from-the-cheap-seats-by-neil-gaiman“The View From Cheap Seats”, Neil Gaiman

It’s official: Gaiman can do no wrong. This time, it’s with a witty and equally poignant selection of over 60 non-fiction essays. This collection touches on an array of topics—from the creative process to personal anecdotes and lessons learned throughout.

Summer Reading Tips


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