Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Summer in Jeddah? These Wearables Are Must-Have!

Summer in Jeddah? These Wearables Are Must-Have!

We’ve rounded up a bunch of the coolest fashion wear and lifestyle items to get ready for the summer.

Creative Tshirts

1Summer is perfectly summed up by this sunglass flaunting camel and the time-travelling rabbit.

Available for both men and women at
Price: 195 SAR

Flowery Tote Bag

2What are spring and summer without flowers? This tote bag will add more colors to your day.

Available at Tote Bag
Price: 195 SAR

Blooming Bouquet by Dior

3This fragrance is perfect for the summer!

Available at Bouquet by Dior
Price: 419 SAR

Tribal Bracelet

4We think both men and women can pull off this tribal bracelet.

Available at Bracelet
Price: 35 SAR

iPhone Case

5These whimsical and mysterious designs look perfect as iPhone cases.

Miami Flamingo
Soul Sister
Pink Soul

Available at
Price: 110 SAR

Cherry Socks

6These cherry socks define summer style.

Available at
Price: 56 SAR

Gold Metal Glasses

14765124757059125919Add a tint of pink to your face with these round glasses.

Available at Metal Glasses
Price: 22.5 SAR

Bright Pillow

ca9ba9d0-8712-4f48-870f-3f3de0c667f4-modw600q85flprogressiveSpruce up your living room with this emerald and copper pillow.

Available at And Copper
Price: 150 SAR


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