Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Fashion Trends For Spring, It’s All About Braids

Fashion Trends For Spring, It’s All About Braids

For the spring season, we are loving braids. Vikings might have started the trend and Abu Baker (RAH) used to style his long hair in 4 braids and now years later, in the 21st century,the Olsen twins have rocked braids for almost a decade and more and currently the catwalk models are bringing it back. We thought it was only right for us to share some of our favorite braid hairstyle inspirations with you. We’ve got short and long hair covered, and if you prefer half open half closed, we have that too.

Inspirations for closed hairstyles; short, medium and long:

closed braids


If you prefer half updos , whether it be with short or long hair, these hairstyles are perfect for their versatility. From a boho look to a more Roman Goddess Grecian beach or even glamorous look:


Here are some picture tutorials to help you create the look step by step:




Here are some tutorials from hair bloggers (who knew they’re so easy to do):

Have a look and let us know which are your favorite, and which ones you would actually do.


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