Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated

By Seyma Saricimen and Zahra Anwer

Not all water is created equal.

 No ladies and gents, we have not lost our marbles yet. We did however get together one day and thought, does all water taste the same? Being the hardcore scientists that we are, the team decided to put our theories on the “best” water brands to the test and actually came up with results:

Please Note: Good PH level is above 7; anything below that is considered acidic. As for sodium, the lower the number the better too but as we’ve come to find out, it does not have a direct correlation to the saltiness of the water.


Source Lebanon
PH Level 7.9
Sodium 4mg/L
Tastes Like Swimming pool water/ spicy
Rating out of 5 4


Source Makkah
PH Level 7.15
Sodium 20mg/L
Tastes Like Filtered tap water Rating out of 5 2


Source Al Jawf Healthy Water Bottling Co.
PH Level 7.4
Sodium 18.9mg/L
Tastes Like Neutral with a hint of sweetness. We’re on the fence.
Rating out of 5 2.5


Source Ground water wells
PH Level 7
Sodium 16 mg/L
Tastes Like A bit bitter
Rating out of 5 3


Source Nufoud Sae’ed. Bottled at HWB Co. Plant
PH Level 7.4
Sodium 17 mg/L
Tastes Like What water should taste like.
Rating out of 5 4.5


Source French Volcanos
PH Level 7
Sodium 12 mg/L
Tastes Like Squeezed out of a leaf/dry
After taste
Rating out of 5 3.5-4


Source Qassim Health
Water Factory
PH Level 6.85-7.4
Sodium 29mg/L
Tastes Like Filtered sewage water
Rating out of 5 1


Source Norway
PH Level 6.1
Sodium 5mg/L
Tastes Like Bland, tasteless
Rating out of 5 4


Source French Alps
PH Level 7.2
Sodium 6.5mg/L
Tastes Like Melted snow and somehow that makes sense/ a bit salty
Rating out of 5 3.5


Source Fiji Islands
PH Level 7.7
Sodium 18 mg/L
Tastes Like Slightly sweet
Rating out of 5 4


Source Norwegian Mountains
PH Level 6.6-7
Sodium 0.5-0.8 mg/L
Tastes Like Sweet/ boring/ metal taste
Rating out of 5 2.5


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