Sponsor An Orphan

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 By Mohammed Mirza

Whoever takes care of an orphan, he and I will be together in Paradise like this (two fingers close together). – Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) [Bukhari]

Today there are over 153 million orphans around the world. Many of who consistently face the threat of hunger, poverty and insecurity. By sponsoring an orphan you can help a child come out of this dire situation and give them a chance for a better life. We have so many organizations that are engaged in supporting the welfare of orphans and have sponsorship packages for orphans living in the Kingdom and abroad. These sponsorship packages include healthcare, shelter, clothing and education amongst other benefits for a nominal fee.

optimized-wamyWorld Assembly Of Muslim Youth (WAMY)

One of the largest charities in the Kingdom, WAMY houses orphans from many countries across the Muslim world.

Orphan sponsorship packages start from SR 1,800 per year.

Location: Siteen St.
Web: wamy.org
Tel: 920011000

optimized-makkah-almukkaramah-orgMakkah Al Mukarama Charitable Establishment

The charity’s primary goal is to take care of orphans, but it also engages in other social welfare activities including building mosques, arranging seminars and digging wells amongst many others.

Orphan sponsorship packages start from SR 2,400 per year.

Location: Arbaeen St.
Web: mc.org.sa
Tel: 920000903

optimized-albirAl Bir Charitable Society

This Jeddah-based charity has its activities primarily focused towards the elderly and children. The orphans sponsored are mainly children from Jeddah and the villages that surround it.

Orphan sponsorship packages start from SR 2,400 per year.

Location: Al Jameah Dist.
Web: albir.org.sa


Kafel’s activities are catered towards widows and orphans. Its operations largely serve Jeddah and Makkah. 

Orphan sponsorship packages start from SR 3,000 per year.

Location: Al Faiha Dist.
Web: kafel.org.sa

optimized-alfaisaliahAl Faisaliah Women’s Welfare Society

Although the society’s activities mostly revolve around women empowerment, social, health and rehabilitation programs for the needy and low-income families; the charity has attractive orphan sponsorship packages as well.

Orphan sponsorship packages start from 2400 SR

Location: Al Ruwais Dist.
Website: alfaisalya.org
Tel: (0096612) 6535000- 6572655

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