Saudi’s New Fashion Duo: Hasai

What started as scribblings on a brown paper bag became the ultimate eureka moment for cousin duo Hanouf Al-Hamed and Sarah Al-Shalaan, who, with their Summer Tempo collection, are taking their brand Hasai to the next level.

Mixing their collective passions, talents, and names to create Hasai, they gave vision a new meaning, which, by a twist of fate, turned out to mean “tear” in Japanese. The founders used this meaning to create the idea of having a connection to your clothes, each piece made with love and passion.

Although the brand may have a cross-cultural meaning, the girls are all about that Saudi vision.

The brand was created to produce something positive in a globally dark period and has grown immensely in a short amount of time. “We started this as an escape, and the brand revived us,” mentioned Hanouf.

alecia-keysThis summer, get ready with their vibrant and trendy Summer Tempo Collection. Collaborating with artist Omamah Ghassan Alsadiq who goes by the moniker ‘300 Camels’, the collection utilizes the artist’s signature camel stencil within the pattern of the clothes. The use of the camels is not just for artistic appeal but also for a symbolic connection to Saudi, as camels are solid and capable; and a renowned reflection of the country.

By incorporating Saudi symbols in their design, including the use of a Najdi thobe and a bold color scheme, Hasai created a summer collection that perfectly represents the modern Saudi man and woman. Hasai caught the eye of celebrities including international music icon, Alicia Keys, who wore a piece by them during her visit to AlUla.

After the catapulting success of their fashion brand, the duo decided to branch into a clothing line for pets out of their love for their dogs. The pet line specializes in dog and cat clothes made from materials specifically tailored for pet’s comfort.

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