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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Riyadh’s Personal Trainers For Men

Riyadh’s Personal Trainers For Men

We got up, close and personal with the best personal trainers in Riyadh. Get to know their favorite workouts, suggestions and most importantly their motivation!

Ghazi Al Zobiri


Specialties: Body Combat, RPM Spinning, 300 Warrior Workout, Les Mills


Session Type: One-on-One, group classes

How did you get started as a fitness trainer? What got you interested?

My journey into fitness started from a young age. I loved sports, fitness and martial arts and as a teenager I took my fitness to the next level when I started bodybuilding. At the gym, I saw how other trainers helped and inspired their clients to improve their lives and I wanted to do the same. Fitness is my passion and I am so happy that my job allows me to share this passion with others and help them.

What kind of programs do you teach? (Is there a certain school you follow)?

I teach Group Exercise classes at the gym, focusing mainly on the popular international Les Mills range of programs. I am a fitness instructor for Body Combat, RPM spinning and 300 Warrior Workout. Each class lasts an hour and is a full body workout to music. I also do one-on-one personal training for individual clients who are concentrating on improving their cardio and strength.

What is your fitness/wellness regime?

As well as teaching my fitness classes on a daily basis, I also train myself in Mixed Martial Arts, High Intensity Interval Training and Weight Training. I think it is really important and beneficial to have variety in workouts to keep challenging the body and mind. I try to eat regular healthy meals, do flexibility training and sleep as much as possible to allow my body to recover so that I am ready and in the best form for my next tough training workout.

What’s your typical workout routine?

My workout focuses on doing high repetition exercises with low weights. This method of training is proven to give you the most benefit. It improves your cardio, helps you gain lean muscle and burn fat. I love the burn you feel after you have done a long a set of weights. I also do Mixed Martial Arts training three days a week. This improves my fitness and teaches me two skills: self-defense and self-discipline!

What are the common fitness mistakes you notice among your Riyadh clients?

As a personal trainer, often see members performing exercise with poor form and with bad technique. This is dangerous and can cause injury. When I see this I always try to correct them and show them the right technique. Another cause of injury is not warming up and stretching properly at the end of exercise.   Finally, for me, fitness is about strength, cardio and flexibility training, and clients need to focus on all three aspects as well as making sure they eat and sleep properly.   This is how you gain most benefit from working out.

What would be your top five tips for getting the most out of a person’s workout?

Do exercises that you enjoy the most because those are what you will stick to. Push yourself to the limit during each workout because this is when you gain the most benefit. Stay hydrated and drink lots of water. Eat three hours before working out so that you have energy during the workout. Sleep for at least eight hours every day to allow your body to recover.

Why is it important to seek the help of a personal trainer?

As a personal trainer we can make sure you are safe and comfortable using the gym equipment. We can help customize the best fitness program for your needs and goals, and change the program as your fitness improves. We can teach you new and interesting ways of training. And most importantly, we can help keep you motivated and on the best track towards fitness.

Christopher Laas


Specialties: XFit, Weight Training, V-row, Swiss Ball, Circuit

Contact: | Tel: +966-11-2077921

Session Type: One-on-One, Classes

How did you get started as a fitness trainer? What got you interested?

Started through a friend of mine as a personal trainer, who showed great passion for fitness.

What kind of programs do you teach? (Is there a certain school you follow)?

V-Row/Swiss ball/circuit/one-on-one personal training

What is your fitness/ wellness regimen?

Xfit/weight training/cardiovascular

What is your favorite type of exercise?

X fit – You really feel the burn in your muscles.

What’s your typical workout routine?

Compound workouts involving all the big muscle groups (chest, back and legs).

What are the common fitness mistakes you notice among your Riyadh clients?

Technique, everyone tends to focus on going heavy at the beginning of his or her gym experience. This is just due to the excitement of being in an energetic and positive environment. This is where we come in as fitness experts to advice and manage our clients.

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What’s the best way for someone to motivate herself to get fit?

The old cliché: Plan your training in three month cycles. Planning and preparation are keys to successful results and achieved goals.”

Mohammed Hezbawi – Hizzi


Specialties: Weight Training, Crossfit, HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training, Circuits, TRX and Les Mills programs, Bodybuilding

Contact: Mob: +966-551069493

Session Type: One-on-one, home visits, and freelance classes.

Could you tell us about the new fitness craze currently used around the world – CrossFit?

CrossFit is an international group exercise program. In a gym environment, members follow a range of functional exercises that activate the whole body focusing on strength, stamina, cardio and power. For each exercise we increase the weights and the workout intensity between sets. It is actually becoming very popular around the world, and I want it to be the next big thing in Saudi Arabia.

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What is a typical group exercise class and explain the benefits to members?

My most popular class is Bodypump. This is an hour long class, where members workout to 10 different songs, with a different muscle group being worked out for each song – for example back, legs, biceps, triceps, chest.

It is a whole body workout. We focus on proper form and correct technique. This is important for safety and preventing injury. Within the hour you do 800 repetitions. Doing high repetitions using low weights leads to something called the ‘Rep Effect’. The concept of doing high repetitions of low weights is scientifically proven to be the fastest way to burn fat, gain muscle mass and get ripped in a healthy way.

This is a totally different way of working out to general bodybuilding, and having done both types of work out myself. I can say that Bodypump and other programs (such as CrossFit) are the healthiest and best workouts around.

What is the science behind CrossFit and Bodypump?

We have two types of muscle – red and white. Lifting heavy weights at low repetitions increases white muscle, and that’s how you increase in size. Using low weights with high repetitions, which improves muscle endurance, increases red muscle and gets you toned without becoming huge.

What advice do you have for nutrition and diet?

It is important to have a balanced and nutritious diet if you are to keep your body healthy and give it the energy it needs to workout regularly, build muscle and recover. Most bodybuilders need 50 percent to 60 percent of their total calories from carbohydrates to lift at full strength and keep energy reserves within muscles.

More healthy, slower-burning carbs are whole grains, peas, corn and salads. You need 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight per day to keep growing. You need to keep fat to a minimum.

Finally, it is very important to keep your body hydrated. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day, and avoid sugary drinks. If you follow this advice, eat small portions regularly and keep your calorie intake under control, you will see and feel the benefits.


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