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Show Your Movement at The Top 5 Padel Courts In Jeddah

Diamon Padel awaits your arrival

The Saudi Arabian Sports for All Federation launched a community awareness campaign under the slogan #MoveYourWorld. The campaign aims to motivate different segments of society in the Kingdom to engage in physical activity and movement in both indoor and outdoor settings, regardless of weather conditions, with the goal of sustaining an active lifestyle.

This campaign aligns with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 goals of promoting a vibrant society and increasing sports participation among all members of the community. The Saudi Arabian Sports for All Federation is committed to enhancing the fitness levels of individuals in society by innovating qualitative initiatives that ensure physical activity is maintained in various conditions and times. A way you can keep movement a part of your daily life is by playing a fun game of Padel. Here are the top 5 Padel courts in Jeddah and Riyadh.



Instagram: bpadel.sa

Location: Al Khalidiyyah Dist. 

Contact: +966- 54 507 0714


Padel Cube 

Instagram: padelcube.sa

Location: Prince Sultan Rd, Al Muhammadiyah Dist.

Contact: +966-055 118 8761


Diamond Padel 

Instagram: diamondpadel.club

Location: Al Afedah, Al Khalidiyyah Dist. 

Contact: +966- 55 700 6969


P Zone 

Instagram: pzone.jed

Location: Omair Al Khouzai, Obhur Al Junoobiyah

Contact: +966-53 092 7030


Padel Place

Instagram: padelplace.jed

Location: Ibrahim Al Qarmani, Al Mohammadiyyah

Contact: +966-53 204 9468


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