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Prevent Overpacking 101

By Norah Aleisa

How to style eight vacation outfits with only eight clothing items.

Stylist: Norah Aleisa
Makeup Artist: Hessa Alajaji
Model: Adwa Bader

A little extra planning before your trip can help you avoid overstuffing your suitcase with a bunch of “just in case” items that you don’t really end up wearing at all on your vacation.

It’s possible to survive with eight different vacation outfits (or more) by only using eight items of clothing. In order to truly prevent over packing, I’ve boiled down an easy to follow guide to packing more efficiently, while looking stylish.


  • If one item can’t be worn at least twice, just keep it in the closet.

  • Plan the outfits according to the weather and activities you’ll be doing.

  • Choose an abaya that can double as a long cardigan to wear during your trip, since you’ll wear it to the airport anyway.

  • Stick with a neutral color palette so it can help you create outfit endless possibilities. To demonstrate here, I went with blues, greys and tan.

  • Once you have any outfit ideas in mind while packing, make sure you document it. You’ll thank yourself on days where you wake up late and need to head out in a matter of minutes.

  • If you seek variety, pack more pants, as they have more transformative power.

  • Go for multipurpose accessories (chain belt that can double as a statement necklace? Yes!)

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