Preparing for Hajj

By Yumna Halim

It is time to make the journey of a lifetime but are you prepared?

Here are some tips to help you get ready for the grandest event of your life:

Mental preparation: In order to mentally prepare yourself for your Hajj, my advice would be to read and study about the Hajj as extensively as you can. Be sure of what type of Hajj you’re performing, what procedures it entails, what the dos and don’ts of ihram are and be aware of what you’re supposed to be doing each day. Have these things written down in a special notebook alongwith the list of dua you want to make for yourself and your family and friends.

Physical preparation: Despite the availability of various kinds of facilities, the journey of Hajj can get pretty exhausting. I’ve heard of people getting blisters, being affected by heat strokes, losing their energy by the time they reach the end. While we can pray beforehand that may Allah make it easier for all of us, we can also try to prepare our bodies by exercising regularly a couple of months before time. Go for brisk walks, take a jog, make it a habit to keep yourself hydrated and eat healthy. If you plan on taking your child, encourage them to walk with you and practice walking while carrying them in your arms.

Spiritual preparation: We have tendency to delay good deeds to another day, another time. I’ll do it tomorrow. I’ll start next week. These are some commonly heard phrases whenever we intend to perform a task that is beneficial for us. But why not today? Why wait? The journey that promises freedom from your sins deserves spiritual preparation beforehand. Start praying regularly and on time from now so that it is a habit by the time you complete your hajj. Stop the backbiting and gossiping now so that your tongue and your heart get used to it. Avoid wasting time on different types of media that encourage you to sin so that it is nothing new for you later.

May this be Hajj Mabrur for all the pilgrims. Have a blessed Hajj!

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