Here's How to Enjoy Pregnancy

By Anne Marie Argile
Enjoy a happy and healthy pregnancy with these tips.
This is an exciting time and health and relaxation are your top priority. Granted, the first trimester can feel like riding an endless wave of nausea coupled with an over-whelming sense of tiredness, but the second and third trimester are all about looking after your body and appreciating the amazing changes it’s going through.

Get in Shape

Exercising during pregnancy will help you feel invigorated, improve your sleep and ensure you’re in good shape to deal with the challenges of pregnancy, labor and getting back into your best-loved jeans post childbirth. Low impact activities such as swimming are beneficial for improving your levels of cardiovascular fitness, strength and endurance without putting unnecessary strain on your joints. The added benefit is that your bump feels weightless, something that will be much appreciated come the third trimester.

Eat Well

Eating a balanced diet is key to feeling fit and well. Including a wide range of fruit and vegetables in your diet will provide you and your baby with the much-needed vitamins and minerals to maintain a healthy pregnancy. Reach for healthy snack options and go easy on your fat and sugar intake. You don’t have to deny yourself of all treats (especially if your craving happens to be double choc chip ice cream) just be mindful of managing an acceptable level of weight gain.

Feel the Benefits of Yoga

Yoga breathing exercises will not only help you feel relaxed and calm, but will help prepare you mentally and physically for D-day. Specially designed prenatal yoga postures can offer a wealth of benefits including helping to improve your circulation, tone muscles and give greater flexibility. We Recommend: Sukoun Wellness.


Look and Feel Fabulous

Pregnancy is a time to be looking and feeling fabulous – in fact you’ve never had it so good. Your skin is glowing (thanks to all those extra hormones and blood flowing around your body) your hair looks thicker and shiny and you suddenly have those killer fingernails you’ve always wanted. Whether you can still reach your toes or not, take time out for a pampering mani pedi and opt for a hot new nail color – you deserve it.

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