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car modification Alloy Wheel Repair, Riyadh

Your ultimate car modification.

Customizing your car is quite common within the Saudi community. People spend a good amount of money and time fixing up their cars according to what they plan to use them for. From elevated Jeep Wranglers to colorful supercars, Saudi has it all. Moreover, some car enthusiasts are purchasing older nonfunctioning cars for cheap and slowly work on fixing them part by part.


car modification

Alloy Wheel Repair, Riyadh


Drifting is quite a major component of Saudi culture. With all the dangers that come with it, we still find people drifting on the streets. However, the practice is now being taken more seriously and is allocated designated spaces. With the popularity of karting in Saudi, people are now turning their karting tracks to drifting tracks where professional drifters can compete and enjoy the sport. It is also becoming common to have drifting races within automotive shows where Saudi drifters showcase their skills. Moreover, people are taking drifting to another level by opening up the first RC drifting track in Saudi where people can compete and enjoy their favorite sport safely.

car modification

Modified Hyundai Sonata

Beauty cars

Cruising down the street in a luxury car will almost always draw attention to you. From your Hummer limo to your shining Lambo, nothing is considered “too much.” Imagine entering a regular 5-seater car and finding instead a couch with a mini fridge. Or starry lights that upgrade your car roof and make you feel like you’re driving up in space.

car modification

Car modification garages allow you to change almost anything in your car according to your budget. From a simple paint job to a complete redefining of the car, it can all be done within the walls of the shop.

car modification


car modification

Alloy Wheel Repair, Riyadh

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Motor bikes

Nothing is more exciting than speeding on a motorbike with nothing but an empty road ahead. The adrenaline rush, combined with the strong winds hitting you makes for a special riding experience.


Motorbikes are getting more popular in Saudi with many people taking on this hobby more seriously and creating community groups that organize trips all over the country. These motorbikes are, of course, customized in their own ways. Louder exhausts, better suspension, and even tuning the engine are some of the things motorbike owners fix.


When it comes to the exterior, there are many ways you can modify your bike. From handlebars, changing the seat, crazy paint jobs, and so on. The changes are limitless. The only limit depends mainly on your spending budget.


Torque Speed, Riyadh

Torque Speed, Riyadh


Off-roading is one of the most fun experiences to have in Saudi. Due to the abundance of off-roading terrains within the country, it is very common for locals to car modification to accommodate that.

car modification
From Jeep Wranglers with monster tires to customized Toyotas and Nissans, you don’t have to go very far to find these monsters. One of the main customizations that happen for off-roading vehicles is changing tires and elevating the car from the ground. It feels like a hike on its own to get in the car sometimes. You can go further and add spotlights on the top and a shovel on the back for emergencies.


Restoring Vintage

Car modification for Vintage cars that are still in good condition are usually sold for a fortune due to their rarity. For vintage motorheads, this can be an issue, especially when you’re nowhere near affording it. One way to still satisfy your passion is to purchase old abandoned cars for cheap and take them on as a personal restoration project.

car modification

Elyas Abdulmjeed’s Chevy

Due to the scarcity of car parts, these projects might take a while to execute. In some cases, people will have to travel around the region to find the appropriate part to fit their cars. Whenever you see a vintage car on the street, It feels like you traveled back in time.

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