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Healthy food, healthy lifestyle! A healthy regime is not about strict limitations, but it is about maintaining health and nutrition.

Walking in the shoes of Antifat, along with 20,000 other members, you are on the verge of a more swift life! Happiness is having your meals delivered straight to you in the comfort of your homes and offices!

From the comfort of your home, Antifat offers a unique service where you can train to become your nutritionist where you can one day be capable of counting, measuring, and tracking your day-to-day meals and calories. gallery_06

Note that. You are not obligated to limit nor restrict yourself; your body is YOUR BODY, head out and be proud of it; I know I am! But, as you hop into the Antifat journey, you are heading to a nutritious and healthy lifestyle!

A devoted club ‘Member’. By becoming a full member with Antifat, you are committing to a program of healthy calorie-based packages where you will have the freedom to pick and choose your menu daily! Packages available include Diabetics, Vegetarians, Light diet, The ketogenic program, Slimming Package, Sleeve gastrectomy, Lactating women (breastfeeding), Cutting Phase diet, and Bulking! gallery_01

Hey kids, It’s lunchtime! Your kids can also enjoy the packages in a unique way! How excited will your kids be when they see their picture on the food box?! I know I will be thrilled! There is nothing more endearing than to know our kids are healthily safe and sound, am I right? As a source of encouragement, Antifat created appetizing meals containing elements of nutrients.

Another one bites the crust. Are you on a diet but tired of seeing your coworkers order fast food daily? Antifat has found you a solution! To avoid hunger at the workplace, Antifat has created a package under the name of ‘Antifat Business’ where you can become a subscriber as they deliver lunch packages to your offices. Served to you with the finest of meals, a variety of different cuisines and meals are here to serve your taste buds!gallery_08

This is a Caterer’s world. Receive daily meal packages along with your coworkers. To enrich your lunch experience at the workplace, Antifat has proposed a package where you and your colleagues can enjoy lunchtime together. They can also cater to your occasions and events as you introduce your guests to a delicious variety of catering.

A welcomed Guest. Even if you are not a member at Antifat, you are welcome to a house of delicious meal packages where you can place an order on Hunger Station or Marsool. You are bound to be introduced to meals ready-made by talented chefs.

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