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Netflix Announces A New Season of The Saudi Animation Series Named “Masameer County”


Netflix, the world’s leading streaming entertainment service, announced the release date for the new and exclusive season of Masameer “Masameer County”; which is considered as a new season and not a continuation of the previous seasons. The series will be available exclusively on Netflix on the 30th of June, 2021.

The new season is packed with fun and adventure; offering a humorous view on the changing Saudi and follows the Masaamer gang as they venture into a global media war, a long-standing tribal feud, and a health craze gone too far. “Masameer County” will air over 8 episodes exclusively on Netflix.

It is worth mentioning that Netflix has announced a five-year exclusive partnership with Saudi Arabian animation studio Myrkott last year to produce Saudi-focused shows and films.



Starring: Abdulaziz AlShehri, Mazroa AlMazroa, Ibraheem AlKhairallah, Shahad AlAhmari and Yusuf AlDakhil.
Created by: Malik Nejer & Abdul Aziz AlMuzaini
Director: Malik Nejer
Production Company: Myrkott
Number of episodes: 8


A humorous view on a changing Saudi, this season includes stories about a global media war, a long-standing tribal feud, and a health craze gone too far.

Episode titles come as follows:

  • Episode 1: Ice Cream
    Bandar’s midnight snack craving leads him to an unexpected adventure.
  • Episode 2: Washingtonia
    Two men fighting for polar opposite causes suffer from an existential crisis after public interest dwindles in what they’re advocating for.
  • Episode 3: Lapis
    Saltooh takes a job as a deliveryman for a local bakery that soon lands him on the wrong side of the law.
  • Episode 4: Pimple
    A pimple on Saltooh’s back leaves him publicly exposed, while Fahad struggles to hospitalize his sick mother.
  •  Episode 5: The Plumber
    A confrontation between Muneer and his archnemesis turns into a global media war.
  •  Episode 6: Latrine of Secrets
    Juffair and Mane accidentally reignite a five-hundred-year-old tribal feud.
  •  Episode 7: Minor Occultation
    To escape the troubles of the outside world, Trad, Saltooh, and Saad decide to isolate themselves at home for a couple of days.
  • Episode 8: Shilajit
    Saad’s growing obsession with healthy food spirals out of control, leading to unexpected consequences.

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