Mood Busters!

By Amal Al Toaimi
Good food is good mood.

Naturally, our food choices are not always “clean” or healthy, and we tend to crave junk food a lot. We convince ourselves that we are happier after surrendering to the hidden chocolate bar or bag of chips that was not meant to be eaten for another week, but then you get that “Oh no… What did I do?” feeling.

Well, that can be your blood sugar level crashing after succumbing to the junk food temptation. There are several foods known to be mood destroyers. Below is a list of known offenders, in addition to alternatives you can choose over those cravings.

Refined Carbs and Grain Products 54eb038936864_-_honey-nut-cheerios-cereal-0909-deCereal, white bread, bagels, croissants, muffins, etc. 81MrYuU9A2L._SY355SX266_SY355_CR,0,0,266,355_PIbundle-12,TopRight,0,0_SX266_SY355_CR,0,0,266,355_SH20_INSTEAD
Whole grains, such as whole-wheat pastas, whole-grain bread, brown rice, quinoa and oats.
Sugar iStock_000012673579Medium-smoothieCandy, sugary beverages including sport drinks, fruit beverages, fruit smoothies, etc. lose-up-to-5-pounds-a-week-just-by-drinking-this-amazing-drinkINSTEAD
Unsweetened coffee or tea, or water with lemon slices. Have a handful of raisins, nuts, seeds, grapes, or a piece of dark chocolate.
Trans Fats 5851279-fastfoodFast food, fried foods, potato chips and packaged nuts. Popcorn-boom-Is-there-room-for-growth-competitionINSTEAD
Air popped popcorn, baked potato or chilli, baked veggies, and grilled burgers (lettuce wrapped). Go for ways other than the fried option: grill, bake, roast, steam, etc.
Artificial Sweeteners Concentrado_de_AgaveSplenda, Sweet n Low, Canderel, Equal, Agave Nectar, etc. Dollarphotoclub_61799815INSTEAD
Raw honey, milk, carrots, beets, orange juice, maple syrup, apples and stevia.
Processed Foods campbells-chicken-noodle-soup-condensed-12-50-oz-cans-caseCanned soup, deli meats and packaged dried fruit. Grilled-salmon-TFXINSTEAD
Legumes, grilled salmon or tuna would also be beneficial, as seafood is known to improve your mood.

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