Mindful Meditation

By Nadwa F. Zahid
Mindful Meditation is a conscious awareness of our current thoughts, feelings and surroundings – and accepting this awareness with openness and curiosity in a non-judgmental way. Simply put it means focusing our attention on non-doing!

Researchers and neuroscientists have now confirmed that the health benefits of mindful
meditation include:

Self-control improved concentration perceptual sensitivity self-esteem memory reaction time empathy.

It has also been proven to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, headaches and high blood pressure.

Meditation is easy to do, but it needs practice and discipline.

Sometimes the mind is still and sometimes it’s busy. The more you practice to breathe consciously the more relaxed, at peace, aware, alert, focused, capable and productive you will become. Ultimately you will have a deeper understanding of yourself. Consistency and patience make meditation easier.

Nadwa Zahid is a personal development consultant and meditation teacher.

Email: nadwa@nadwazahid.com

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